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Batman lurks in shadows in ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ fan film ‘Ripper’


Nearly six months after revealing the first glimpse at the shadowy Victorian world of Ripper, writer/director James Campbell has debuted his Gotham by Gaslight-inspired Batman fan film.

In what could very easily be mistaken for a BBC period drama, we’re introduced to Chief Inspector Abberline, who’s is desperate to catch the killer behind a string of grisly murders in 1888 London. But unknown to him, there’s someone waiting in the shadows, and he wants to help.



That picture reminds me of Abed from Community :)


Boring and dull.

Stunning, frightening. Love the sets, costuming, music is chilling and beautiful. Showing Hollywood how it should be done.

Amazing job super cool take on how batman might be in that time :)

EVH: Agreed, but points for doing it, and the blood grin was a nice touch.

ThunderGuy: ‘Showing Hollywood how it should be done’? Really?

Please stop with the fan films. DC needs to start suing these delusional hacks.

It’s pretty much a fan recreation of “From Hell” with Batman having about 3-4 minutes of mopey screen time.

WOW, supercool! Great production values, and really cool set design. I agree, it really has a “professional” BBC feel, if this is their first film, these guys are gonna go a long way!

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