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Brilliant ‘Simpsons’ search engine matches quotes with screencaps


While many might argue that The Simpsons has slipped in quality in recent — or, hey, maybe not-so-recent — years, there’s little denying it remains one of the most quotable series on television. Whether it’s an all-purpose “D’oh!” or the more specific “I’m a brick!,” there’s a Simpsons quote for virtually any situation.

And now you can match the those quotes to the correlating images from the animated series with Frinkiac.

Named after bumbling inventor Professor Frink, the search engine brings together every quote from the first 15 seasons of The Simpsons with nearly 3 million screencaps. It’s the meme-generating machine you’ve been waiting for.

“We had the idea several years ago when we were quoting The Simpsons at each other all day long, and it was surprisingly difficult to find an image of the scenes we were quoting on Google,” Sean Schulte, who created Frinkiac with Paul Kehrer and Allie Young, explains to Wired.

Kehrer goes into some of the technical details of Frinkiac on his website. It’s incredibly easy to use — just start typing words into the search field, and images begin to appear — which ensures you’ll lose hours, if not days, to Frinkiac.




This would have been great back in the days of AOL and dial-up when The Simpsons were still relevant.

Simpsons bashing is, itself, getting old.
Its no, say, Gravity Falls, but its also still more funny then the average sit com.

Joey Joe Joe Shabado Jr

February 4, 2016 at 11:25 am

Any real fan of the show won’t need this.

“Pie is exactly ‘3’!”

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