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Comic-Con International badges are officially on sale


It has begun. The blue wheels are spinning, and thousands of fans across the globe are waiting impatiently to see if they can be one of the few to get badges for Comic-Con International: San Diego 2016.

Two major changes to this year’s badges is the fact that SDCC has embraced RFID and will be shipping out badges to all U.S. residents for the first time. The RFID technology is in place to hopefully reduce scalping, as faking the chip technology is far more difficult than counterfeiting the older badges. What’s more, SDCC officials can now effectively “turn off” any lost or stolen badges. Shipping badges in advance is mainly a matter of convenience. Any questions about the new technology and shipping policy can be answered at the Toucan FAQ page.

As fans sit and wait in the EPIC Registration Waiting Room, they’re once again forced to stare at the spinning blue circle of doom. This year, however, programmers got a bit cheeky and tossed a few jokes into the highlighted information section.

This first badges have officially been purchased. Stay tuned as we update this post throughout the process.

Update, 9:24 – Preview night inventory is already running low.

Update, 9:33 – Make that preview night is officially sold out.

Update, 9:36 – There are some reports of the yellow status update bar disappearing from the waiting room.

Update, 9:38 – And there goes Saturday.

Update, 9:41 – Friday has now followed suit. Only Thursday and Sunday badges are still available.

Update, 9:44 – The depression has begun to set in. Don’t lose hope out there!

Update, 9:46 – 12 minutes earlier than last year, Thursday passes are now gone.

Update, 9:49 – Or maybe not? Reports of Thursday still being available.

Update, 9:54 – There they go. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and preview night are officially gone. Sunday fun day still left!

Update, 9:56 – Thursday passes went only three minutes faster than last year.

Update, 9:57 – Worth keeping in mind that even a Sunday badge qualifies you for pre-registration next year. Think ahead.

Update, 9:58 – It’s official: SDCC is completely sold out. Badges for all four days and the preview day sold out in just under an hour. Congrats to the lucky ones who made it through! Chin up to those who didn’t; there are plenty of other cons in the sea.



Another year, another failed chance to get in. Oh well at least I have the Wonder and Long Beach cons, plus the Anime Expo to look forward to.

You have to be a complete to throw your money into event that don’t care about you.

Congrats who got these gen-pop tickets for SDCC to join the other lucky ones who got them earlier (and went last year)… and condolences to those who didn’t.

(There ARE other Comic Cons to go to. Just not THIS Comic-Con. Perhaps the newer, smaller, closer ones are more to your taste? Or perhaps something like DRAGON*CON, or those REED Pop Conventions are suitable backup Cons too?)

Let the yearly Nerd bitching begin!

/SDCC über allies (46 years running)

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