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In this ‘Legend of Zelda’ hoodie, you’re ready for a quest to Hyrule


The climate in Hyrule changes drastically from region to region, which means if you plan to rescue the Princess, you better come dressed for the occasion. Say, in an official Legend of Zelda hoodie.

While we’ve seen a handful of sweatshirts based on Link’s tunic, few are as nice-looking as this Zelda: Hero of Hyrule cosplay hoodie from Merchoid.

The forest-green hoodie features a wrap-around belt and buckle, Phrygian-style hood, and the Hylian shield on the back. It’s probably not for everyday wear, but it would certainly come in handy for cosplay.

Priced at $55, it’s available in men’s sizes ranging from S to XXXL. You can preorder now for an April 30 shipping date.




(via Rocket News24)



I say this as someone who owns an N7 leather jacket; that thing makes me cringe

I think it’s the elf hat that takes it beyond the pale for me, more than anything else

WARNING!!!!!!!! PreOrder button/link is a VIRUS!!! DO NOT USE THAT LINK!

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