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MTV’s 1992 tour of Marvel Comics is a mind-blowing, mullet-filled time capsule

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On February 10, 1992, MTV VJ Karyn Bryant set up shop in the Marvel Comics bullpen to get the inside scoop on how comics were made at the height of the industry boom, while also tossing to awesome new videos from Seal, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Genesis. Almost 22 years later, the video of Bryant’s day of picking up “Deathlok” issues and peeking over letterer’s shoulders has made its way online.

The video was uploaded by former Marvel employee Jared Osborn, who can be seen early on in the video lettering a panel featuring Nightcrawler and Wolverine. Bryant also talks to another letterer, Dave, that’s working on “Web of Spider-Man” #88 on top of his “120 Minutes”-esque workspace.

Most awesomely, Bryant gets facetime with Bob Harras, editor of the X-Men line at the time, and senior executive editor Mark Gruenwald, who talks about his groundbreaking run as writer on “Captain America.”

Making matters even more 1992-y, the video also includes mighty mullets, Clive Barker comics and details about a contest to win a dinner with Michael Jackson. The video is a wild nostalgia trip for anyone that collected comics back during the days of “Operation: Galactic Storm” and an all-around awesome time capsule.

(via The Marvel Age of Comics)



Lol this was great!

We miss Mark Gruenwald. :-(

Bob Harras, cover your shame sir.

Nice to hear Mark’s voice.

Sadly missed.

Back when I read Cap in the 80s I always wondered what Mark Gruenwald looked like.

Beautiful! except for the ugly clothes and hair of that time hahaha

Cool! I never saw this before. I do remember one where one of the VJs toured Marvel’s offices with Kid n’ Play to promote their comic book. It must have been late 1991/early 1992 or so, maybe it was also Karyn Bryant?

The Mighty World of Mullets.

Oh, wow. This is awesome. Also, I feel so old.

Just like everything from the 90’s, 80% is about the X-Men.

This is totally tubular! I can’t decide what’s more outrageous… Jared’s mega mullet with the tiny wisp of hair in the front OR that seated spread eagle squat by Bob Harras.

Harras comes off as a dick.

What a time capsule.

Paper! Ink! Exacto pens! Drafting boards!

And Mark Gruenwald…

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