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Petitions call for Deadpool statue in ‘the town that rhymes with fun’ [Updated]


Wade Wilson may not be the hero Regina deserves, but he’s the one it wants right now. Or something like that.

A resident of the capital of Saskatchewan has launched not one but two online petitions urging Regina City Council to erect a statue honoring Deadpool. You see, in the blockbuster Ryan Reynolds film, the Merc With a Mouth says, “I’m Wade Wilson from Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina, the town that rhymes with fun.”

That was enough for some Regina fans to embrace Deadpool as a native son.

“Regina has been home to many great people, Leslie Nielsen, Ryan Getzlaf, Wolfcop, the list goes on,” writes Luke Oliver, who launched the petitions. “But at the end of the day, the most important person from Regina, DEADPOOL. We are demanding that a Deadpool statue be erected in Regina, Saskatchewan as we are his hometown, and we are proud to be.”

The petition on had garnered more than 500 supporters as of this morning. Unfortunately, the server appears to be having difficulties, so we’re not sure where that petition stands.

Update (1:21 p.m.): Regina Mayor Michael Fougere has responded to the petitions, tweeting simply “Nope.”

(via Regina Leader-Post)



Actually, he’s says he’s from Regina when he’s narrating him booting Ajax in the head, calling himself ‘Rookie sensation Deadpool’ and saying his ‘form looks good’. The town that rhymes with fun line wasn’t used. Not in the version I saw, anyway.

Imagine if the people that did shit like this used their time for real world problems.

Imagine people who complained on comic book websites used their time for real world problems?

Now the town gets to spend the next several decades explaining to future generations why it has a statue of a comic book character.

Then grandpa can tell the kids about that brief 2-month window of hype for a comic book movie. A story for the ages.

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