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Reynolds chastises fan-made LEGO sets for ‘spoiling’ ‘Deadpool’ scenes


In addition to being fun for comic fans of all ages, LEGO playsets have earned a reputation for spoiling minor plot points about the films they tie-in with over the past year. The “Avengers: Age of Ultron” sets, “Ant-Man” sets and “Captain America: Civil War” sets all leaked information, ranging from the mundane to the giant (literally, in “Civil War’s” case). Knowing that, Ryan Reynolds recently took major issue with a few of “Deadpool’s” LEGO sets — kinda.

Reynolds called out two fan-made LEGO sets on Twitter, saying that they contained spoilers.

The fan- made sets popped up on Imgur and depict things that most likely won’t happen in the film: Deadpool riding a pegasus into a hot air balloon fight (seen above) and grilling hot dogs with his pet moose in the country (below).


While there are no official “Deadpool” LEGO sets on the way right now, the merc does have plenty of merchandise for fans to get behind. “Deadpool” opens in theaters on February 12.



I desperately wish that first Deadpool set was real.

What seriously? That’s clearly him making a joke. You know humour and stuff

And now I’ve been spoilt for Civil War by your not-so-subtle hint at what the spoiler is. Thanks, CBR!

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