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This Armored Batman is the figure your collection needs right now


We’ve already seen some high-caliber Armored Batman action figures from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a few of which carry price tags so hefty you might be forced to choose between food and collectibles. However, now Square Enix has unveiled a Play Arts Kai version that looks nice but won’t necessarily break the bank.

“Batman v Superman” Play Artis Kai Batman is Mopey, Muscly

Standing about 10 inches tall, this Armored Batman is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $150. It doesn’t come with a lot of accessories — a hard-plastic cape, interchangeable palms, rifle and display stand — but it’s certainly handsome.

Play Arts Kai Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman is scheduled for release in July.

(via Toyark)



no one wants a fat no neck batman we want the real true image of batman

Thats Gangsta

For that kind of money, the eyes should light at least.

@Miss C , are you serious? Batman vs superman is the big brute version of the Dark knight. In my opinion he needs to be bulked up, to really show the return of the dark knight.

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