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Watch: ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer recreated in the DC Animated Universe


You may have thought the latest Suicide Squad movie trailer couldn’t possibly get any better, but that’s only because you hadn’t seen it remade using footage from the classic DC Animated Universe.

Retaining the dialogue, sound effects and music, the video is impressively faithful to the original trailer, as YouTuber Reuven White clearly spent a good deal of time tracking down just the right footage. And when he couldn’t find what he needed (certain characters, for instance), he did an admirable job of improvising.



liked it espically harly quin doing her little the voices say i should kill every one bit while standing by bruce wayne. nice work.

demoncat is a moron is a moron

February 1, 2016 at 10:48 pm

You must be fun at parties, huh asshole?

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