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With a cat-eared motorcycle helmet, you can let the fur fly


Forget all of those other custom motorcycle helmets — Batman, Attack on Titan, Iron Man, assorted superheroes — these cat-eared helmets are probably the ones you want, at least if you’re Selina Kyle, a sci-fi superhero, the pilot of a large mecha or a famous DJ.

The Neko-Helmets were introduced in 2011 by Russian company Nitrinos motostudio, which has since developed four styles that come in a range of colors and patterns. You can choose from the sleek single-color model (let’s call that the “Daft Punk”), the two-color, the three-color or, if you’re feeling particularly wild, the complex “aerography” design (with eyes, fur patterns, mouth, the works).

Ranging in price from $495 to $660, the Neko-Helmets are made to order in about three weeks.

(via Rocket News24)



Great, as long as you never consider wearing it while riding a motorcycle. Since even stickers on a regular helmet can render them virtually useless in any kind of skidding accident, due to friction snapping one’s neck, these should only be considered “toys.”

Because neck strain due to additional drag is what every motorcyclist needs.

Chris L. Schoon

February 6, 2016 at 6:33 pm

Wondering if you have any, or thinking about making any Star Wars Storm-trooper Helmets ?????
That, Would Be Sick As Hell !!!!!!!!!!!

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