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Artist designs stunning retro poster for ‘Captain America: Civil War’


What if all the Avengers needed was a little bit of old-fashioned sentiment? Would it end the impending civil war between these heroes? This new fan-made poster for “Captain America: Civil War” captures that old-fashioned essence.

The poster was designed by artist Punmagneto, who has brought his retro-inspired design skills to other film posters like “Ant-Man,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Star Wars.” This poster in particular is reminiscent of the classic “buy war bond” posters of the 1940s — a style all too familiar to Steve Rogers.

This poster absolutely captures the old-fashioned spirit of the age from which Captain America hails. Each character is designed in stunning detail, and if you look closely you can see the airport in flames behind the team.




Excellent. Wish Hollywood still did posters like this.

It’s a cool idea, but it’s just badly photoshopped together pieces of the promo art they released yesterday.

THIS is the answer to all (me included) who have found the official MCU movie posters a bit lacking. This is AWESOME. There should be more of these!

Not bad. Dave Nelson, I’ll wait to see your poster and mastery of Photoshop.

So, I’m not usually affiliated with the PC Squad, but literally all the white people in this poster are bigger than all the black people. I’m certain no malice was intended, but the oversight is kinda glaring.


For what it’s worth, character sizes tend to be arranged in order of prominence and their centrality to plot. But yeah I mighta swapped Vision with T’Challa.

Hi Bro,

This poster was designed by Thai Artist, so, I don’t think he would involved in the skin colour issue.

Like it or not, is sub to you then.


Horrible, horrible job of masking images. Font choices are atrocious. Didn’t even typeset the credits at the bottom. Why is there even an article about this?

The least this article could do is give credit to the artist who created the majority of the figures in the piece. They are fantastic promo art. Instead of saying the piece’s figures are detailed, the guy did do anything more than lasso tool.

This is the artist

This poster is not real 40s style at all. With such a busy design its much more 70s style. Looks good though.

terrible close cropping and typography. and the characters… bucky is actually cut up to pieces and forced to fit into the composition… just bad. really bad.

Original promo Art by Alexander Lozano, take a look…

I’d have liked to see an Alex Ross image.

Could the author who wrote this article acknowledge the actual paintings were doen by Alexander Lozano while this two bit hack just photoshoped them together. I mean it’s a good composition for sure, but it seems like you are giving him credit for painting this, which he didn’t.

Alexander Lozano Is the artist. Punmagneto did the amazing photoshop arrangement.

Yes! Finally something about Pets.

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