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Batman meets ‘Hamilton’ in note-perfect ‘Batlexander Manilton’


If you’re heading out to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, all the while wondering whether you’ll ever score tickets to Hamilton, you’re in luck. No, we don’t have tickets for you (pfft, we’d keep thosefor ourselves), but we do have the next-best thing: “Batlexander Manilton.” All right, maybe not next-best, but it’s pretty great.

Performed by the comedy group Turtle Cameron, it’s the Dark Knight/Founding Father musical mashup/parody you’ve always wanted, but didn’t realize until it now.

“’Batlexander Hamilton’ is a love letter to the ten-dollar Founding Father without a father,” Turtle Cameron explains, “and the night stalker, Gotham-guarder covered in armor.”



This is brilliant!

Very entertaining. Bravo!

Okay, shit. Yes. That was really, really well done. Spot-fricking-on.

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