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CNN commentator compares Donald Trump to an X-Men villain, makes some good points


Whether you love or loathe Donald J. Trump, there’s no denying that there are plenty of Americans out there these days comparing him to supervillains.

But tonight on CNN’s ongoing coverage of the latest round of presidential primaries, commentator Van Jones took the practice to a new nerdy level by linking the Republican frontrunner/real estate magnate/“short-fingered vulgarian” to X-Men villain Sebastian Shaw.

But before Trump’s supporters show up in the comments to call the comparison unfair, know that Jones’ take played into one of Trump’s perceived strengths as a candidate.

“The harder you hit [Shaw], the stronger he gets,” Jones told a panel led by Anderson Cooper. “We’re gonna see how many bullets [Trump] can eat.”

Check out the video clip below via the Twitter page of Washington D.C. shop Fantom Comics as well as Jones’ own social media nerd flag waving.



I was going to say, it’s not fair to compare Shaw to Trump. Shaw has some class.

Yes, I think that the evil televangelist in God Loves, Man Kills is closer.

Clyde Ratliff

March 8, 2016 at 7:25 pm

Van Jones in my opinion is the most hateful person CNN has on to give his one sided ridiculous and normally racist views.

How about Glorious Godfrey from Jack Kirby’s fourth world.

ONCE AGAIN THEY GET IT WRONG – he’s more Senator Kelly than any other X-villain.

I think that is pretty funny…

Since he did technically start out as an X-men opponent, I was positive this was going to be Sasquatch, given the orange coloring and all…

Nah, he’s Reverend Stryker, blaming everything on Mutants/Mexicans.

We are going to get the president we deserve.

This raging douche and his dumber supporters.

You guys that have children, save your money, downsize your homes, because there will be nothing left for your kids but $9/hr jobs, that they will need to work at for 50 years.


March 8, 2016 at 11:40 pm

Yay! Let’s make Trump’s run for president even more trivial.

I’m with Nick Millar…only I see no better with Hilairy wining.
In another four years expect it will be 28T in debt and Real Stats Unemployment greater than the Great Depression.
And it will be our own fault for putting money, rampant emotionalism, and short-term ‘freebies’ over long-term survival.

Trump is repulsive but the really frightening thing is that he is actually better than Ted Cruz and no worse than many other Republicans. The thing that distinguishes him is that he is openly racist, whereas the Republicans usually try to hide their racism behind dog-whistle politics and policies. Trump’s rise, however, is an effect of the failure of the US ruling class, which became insatiably greedy and now is reaping the results of its stupidity and short-sightedness.

Jonathan Allen

March 9, 2016 at 5:32 am

No: the only thing that explains his continuing to appear in public with that weird mildew on his head is that if he were to shave it off it would be clear to everyone that he’s actually Lex Luthor (as drawn by Curt Swan), having journeyed here to Earth Prime to be president again…

too funny. But trump is a different class of villian

What about the rigged system on the democratic side? With the superdelegates whose votes count more what the regular voters have to say in the primaries. If you have the superdelegates in your pocket like Hillary Clinton does it’s a coronation making the primary process a sham.

trump is a moron

March 9, 2016 at 11:57 am

There’s psych evaluations for firefighters & police, isn’t there one for leader of the country?

No way that dickbag passes.

You got politics in my comic books…

Stryker is Cruz. Misguided religion drives his agenda.
Trump is Kelly, and there are DOFP Kitty Prydes all over the place warning us not to elect him.
Rubio is Shinobi Shaw. He wants to be this upstart and seems destined for power, but will disappear and not be mentioned again.
Hillary is Andrea Strucker. She is stronger when she is with someone who may just be her love her. She seems to believe that power is her birthright.
Bernie is Civil War Iron Man. He seems to think that the government can work in a different way than it has ever worked.

That is why I side with Scarlet Witch. No more!
Bring on the retcon.

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