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Even Thanos is adorable in these Skottie Young Marvel statues


Fans of Skottie Young’s “baby variant” Marvel covers take note: Gentle Giant is releasing a series of limited-edition statues based on his adorably cartoonish art.

All three of them — Iron Man, Captain America and Thanos — are cute, naturally, but the grinning Mad Titan is easily the winner. He dons a child-sized Infinity Gauntlet, with which he grips a balloon featuring the likeness of his true love, Death.

Iron Man and Thanos are available for preorder for $65 each. There’s no listing yet for Captain America, but we can likely expect one soon.


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Can someone clear this up for me? Casual reader here, and the first time I saw Marvel heroes re-imagined as cute Disney-style kids was in Chris Giarusso’s newspaper-style comic strips that Marvel peppered their books with back in the day.

Then, the guy unceremoniously disappears (and his name is never mentioned again) just as Marvel unveils SuperHero Squad, which is essentially Chris’ drawings in 3D form. Clips, video games, toys, there was a lot of money made there.

And now Skottie Young has toys that greatly resemble Giarusso’s sketches, only with the recognizable Young flavor.

Would CBR get in trouble with Marvel if they interviewed Chris Giarusso about what went down? Maybe everything’s cool, but I hate the idea that a worthy creator might’ve once again been left out of the returns.

Just curious. Thanks!

Now I want a bunch of Chris G figures.

Well, several, at least, as long as I have a Daredevil to face the opposite direction of everyone else.

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