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Fully Functioning LEGO Bat-Signal Lights Up Times Square

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The lights of Times Square just got a little bit brighter thanks to the Dark Knight… and LEGO.

On yesterday’s episode of “Good Morning America,” The Art of the Brick artist Nathan Saway unveiled a life-size replica of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” Bat-Signal built entirely out of LEGO bricks. Standing over 7-feet tall, the floodlight is fully functional, meaning Commissioner Gordon (or, J.K. Simmons) could really use the toy prop to call Batman himself.

Sawaya and his team worked for over five weeks to piece together the more than 75,000 LEGO bricks needed to complete the piece. After being installed in Times Square, the LEGO Bat-Signal will travel across the country, including a stop at DC Comics’ WonderCon booth, before becoming a permanent part of the “Art of the Brick: DC Comics” touring exhibition.

Now, if only Sawaya can work out how to making a working, full-sized LEGO Bat-Mobile…


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Hey everyone,

Speaking of LEGO, come check out the Combination Chess game I invented (long ago) and submitted to LEGO Ideas recently. In this game, when you capture an enemy piece, you gain its movement and capture abilities. LEGO works great for this because you can just stack one piece on top of the other.

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