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Go undercover with this Mighty Heroines of Marvel fleece blanket


Winter may soon be a distant memory, but there are few things better than cranking up the air conditioning, curling up with a blanket and reading a book or soaking up some television. And who better to watch over you while you binge on episodes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones than the Mighty Heroines of Marvel?

This fleece blanket measures 62 inches by 44 inches, and features an impressive lineup: Silk, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Sif and Spider-Gwen, who’ll keep vigilante and keep you toasty.

marvel blanket1

marvel blanket2

It’s available from ThinkGeek for $25.



Michael Martinez

March 29, 2016 at 1:44 pm

i want one!

No Squirrel Girl? No sale!

Seriously? These are the females Marvel chooses to spotlight? Not Storm, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, Black Widow, and Gamora? Big pass.

Two Spider-women, two ms marvels, and two Asgardians, but no x-men? the fuck marvel?!

I would be into a blanket with these characters, just maybe not all the images they chose. I see (foreground/background) Silk by Todd Nauck and I *think* Mike Perkins, Thor by Sarah Pichelli and Russell Dauterman, Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel by Art Adams backed by Marguerite Sauvage and David Lopez, Sif by Jeffrey Becker and..can’t place the background, is that from Schiti’s run?..and Spider-Gwen by Jamie McKelvie (can’t place that background.)

Kind of funny/cool that Silk and Gwen are both doing the McFarland Spider-Man 300/301 thing at either side, but I’m not into the backgrounds they used for those two, and that’s really the dealbreaker for me. A shame that they couldn’t use anything by Stacy Lee or Robbi Rodriguez…especially since Lee did a Silk cover with that “arms crossed over chest” pose that’s way better / more appropriate for the character!

Can’t complain too much about the other choices I guess, though it would have been cool to use a Ms. Marvel by Alphona or Miyazawa or a McKelvie Carol.

Oh, anyone complaining about no X-Men… come onnn! It’s a blanket, not a declaration of “these are the only characters that matter.” You could make just as strong a case for using MCU stars like Black Widow or Scarlet Witch, or classic Avengers like Wasp or She-Hulk, but that doesn’t fit your narrative. It seems like whoever chose these was going for recent “tumblr popular” characters (for lack of a better way of describing them.) Not every product has to go out of its way to please the widest number of people possible… and there are probably some Sif fans out there who are glad for that. :)

…………… No Ororo? Oh well…………..

Looking over the selected characters I was happy to see the three characters whom got me into comics and I followed/pulled first before adding many more: Spider-Gwen, Ms Marvel Khan, and Silk. Of the many covers and artworks of these characters I would of picked a few different ones for this product (or maybe hired a great artist for something original).

Seeing those three and reading the comments I think I know why these few characters was selected over the more well known legacy longer running heroes. First off many legacy heroes have alot of merchandise already while a few picked here don’t have nearly the same quantity thus a product for the fans of these characters and rare to find (thus rarity can help with sales vs one in a million products).

However another huge reason are these are new heroes who might of or helped pull in new readers. These heroes are the heroes of the newest generation (Carol isn’t new like the others but her recent series has taken off and is a big hit for new fans as well as the rest picked). Most of these heroes haven’t gotten the grand legacy yet like the 80’s and earlier made heroes but are the ones making a impact within this generation of new readers and can be this the heroes of this generation and has helped Marvel so far in the 2010. They are the established heroes of this decade so far.

I would wish they added Squirrel Girl to these heroes. She herself has pulled in a fanbase of this generation plus her tradebooks sell very well plus reading her she is a different kind of hero. She uses wit and has had character development learning to talks things out and discover a way to help others including sometimes the one she is fighting where punching isn’t the answer. A strong positive message and lesson. She started as a joke but while keeping her upbeat personality and tone has developed into a respectable heroic character with a strong core, mark, and establishment here in the 2010’s.

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