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‘Gravity Falls’ creator turns presidential candidates into Pokemon


Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch tried to draw Pokémon while listening to U.S. election news, and we’re all the better for it, because the result is this wonderful series that fuses presidential candidates with the little pocket monsters.

His “Presidential Pokémon” delivers Bernie Sanders as Charmander, Trump as Muck, Hillary Clinton as Butterfree, Marco Rubio as Diglett and Carson as Snorlax. Gravity Falls animator and storyboard artist Dana Terrace also stepped in with “HypnoCruz” (“Type: Creepy ATTACKS: Makes women sterile just by looking at them SECRET: Is the Zodiac Killer”).

Alas, poor John Kasich didn’t get his own Pokémon. Maybe that’ll change if his courage pulls him through on Tuesday …

(via Uproxx)



2 points, 1- as a black man, I would like to think why a fat, lazy, big lipped represemtation on Ben Carson is so funny. I know he is low energy, but this seems racist. 2 – I would like to thank you for taking the time to publish every piece of anti Republican stuff you can find. Its great seeing this political crap on a pop culture website.

Snorlax doesn’t even *have* lips. You came in looking to make that comment regardless of which Pokemon Carson was depicted as.

Yeah, the artist (and blogger) really let his pro-Hillary bias shine through here. A happy butterfly while everyone else, including Bernie, is a monster.

If you dont see it fine, but dont act like I am just trying to troll. The dark skinned, fat, big lipped guy is black. Thats a racist caricature. We see this stuff all the time, the casual racism. Im glad you dont have to deal with it. By the way, the Rubio having a weakness to water is kinda racist too.

I just called to say "I Love You"

March 14, 2016 at 8:11 am

Mr. Reynolds, usually I don’t go out of my way to try to reason with angry people on the internet, but I felt a particular inclination to do so today, as I am a fan of both Alex Hirsch and Pokémon.

While I understand there is a negative stereotype about black people being lazy and big-lipped, I highly doubt that is what Hirsch was going for. For starters, Snorlax doesn’t have lips; that oval around his mouth that you are likely interpreting as big lips is actually Ben Carson’s goatee. Secondly, that Hirsch drew Ben Carson as a Snorlax seems to be inspired not by him being black, but by him seeming completely lethargic and sleepy at all public appearances. Again, while I understand that there is a terrible negative stereotype about black people being lazy, I highly doubt that was the inspiration here. Ben Carson being both the “sleepy” candidate and the only black presidential candidate is a slightly unfortunate coincidence in this case. Now, if he had portrayed Ben Carson as a Jynx, a Pokémon that caused controversy because of its physical similarity to old cartoon depictions of black people, then we would have a problem.

To your second point, is it not appropriate or at least understandable that a pop culture website that often showcases artwork by relevant artists posts about artists and creators of one of the most highly regarded animated shows in recent years draw some of the most talked about people in America these days as characters from a highly popular video game and anime series? It’s not like this is the first time CBR has posted about something involving political figures or politics.

Finally, I don’t necessarily see this as anti-Republican, as Hirsch didn’t really portray the Democratic candidates as clearly “cool” Pokémon, either. I mean, he portrayed Hillary Clinton as a giant insect, and if he was going to portray Bernie Sanders as a “cool” Pokémon that is better than all the other ones he drew, why didn’t he draw Sanders as a Charizard or something? And if you don’t mind me asking, but if you got offended by this, wouldn’t you get offended by a lot of other content here on CBR, like Brett White’s columns on how comic books and popular culture relate to his life as a gay man, or the more politically-charged direction that the “Sam Wilson: Captain America” book has recently taken, where the Serpent Society was portrayed as radical right-wing Tea Party supporters? By your apparent standards, that content might also be considered to be offensive to Republicans and their views, and so if this article offends you, there is a great deal of other content on this particular website that is probably offensive to you as well.

Though, I have to give Hirsch credit: Drawing Donald Trump as a Muk is a particularly inspired choice, considering how his inciting violence at his rallies and public appearances, as well as his highly negative outlook on people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, is causing an incredibly poisonous mentality and atmosphere in his followers and campaign.

Anyway, have a terrific day, and best wishes to you and yours.

Thank you for your response. Im not angry. Its just exhausting to always see this. God bless.

Jon Bowser – They’re Pocket Monsters, so yeah, that might happen.

Did it occur to anyone that the “lips” on Snorlax might just be Ben Carson’s goatee?

In this story: People projecting their own biases onto the artist and then getting mad about it.

Gregory A. Swarthout

March 14, 2016 at 10:03 am

Teek +1

You know what? He’s right. Why put up all of this “anti-Republican stuff”?

I mean, they’re doing a good enough job making the jokes themselves.

Sorry, Mr. Reynolds. We wouldn’t make the jokes if they didn’t make it so damned easy.

Rick Reynolds, I respect your opinion. I believe, the author didn’t draw Carson’s character with big lips because Carson is black, he did so because Carson has big lips, in addition to a beard that forms a ring around his lips which the cartoon seems to represent. Snorlax is a lazy Pokemon that sleeps more than it does anything else. Snorlax is used to depict Ben Carson’s calm demeanor and sleepy demeanor. It’s not a racial thing; it it were, I’d be one of the first to point it out.

How in the hell is Rubio’s weakness to water a racial thing? If an only if you are insinuating what I think you are, wouldn’t water be a strength and not a weakness? The author depicted Rubio as a Diglett who fears water because Digletts fear water and because Rubio has been prone to drink water awkwardly on camera. I think you use demonstrated how sometimes, the people who cry “racism!” are the actual racists in the crowd. These cartoons are offensive to most if not all the presidential candidates and some how you seem to only have comments about those depicting the non-white candidates.

Jon Bowser, I respect your opinion, but I come to a different conclusion that yours from observing the same thing. I think the artist is actually pro Bernie and anti Hillary. For example, the smeared makeup on “Hillarfree’s” face does not seem to convey positive light to me. To me, it conveys horror. As for “Burnie,” any real Pokemon fan would know that Charmander is a fan-favorite, while Butterfree is one of the most forgettable/ insignificant characters. The artist chose Charmander because it is a fire type that would complement Bernie Sanders’s “feel the bern” slogan. I would even take it a step further by saying Charmander is used to represent Sanders a fiery, passionate politician who aches to take action, not as a “monster.”

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