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Henry Cavill walked around Time Square in a Superman shirt and no one noticed


Henry Cavill, the actor who will be playing Superman in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film, walked around Times Square today in New York City, and no one recognized him.

Cavill posted a video on Instagram of himself, standing in iconic locations around Times Square. In each scene he is wearing the classic Superman logo — the “S” — or as “Man of Steel” called it, the House of El’s symbol for hope.

He captioned the video, “Dead doubter, the glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman.” This must be to call out any critics who say Superman would never be able to pass as Clark Kent by only wearing glasses.

Cavill isn’t even wearing glasses in the video and people didn’t recognize him, so maybe he has a point.

Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman #WhoWillWin #Superman

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(Via Henry Cavill’s Instagram)



It’s not that no one noticed. This is New York. If the real Superman was flying around no one would bat an eye. We’ve seen it all.

Umm this Is New York not LA. No one gives a shit about celebrities here. We see right through them.

Um… I think the issue is more NO ONE there recognized Henry Cavill than recognizing him as the latest film version of Superman?

Not a ‘New York City doesn’t bother with their dime-a-dozen celebrities’ humblebrag v fawning over a celebrity in their midst issue, I don’t think— it’s more the fact that Times Square people didn’t bother to pester just a sitting schlub with an ‘S’ shirt on. The (not-really working) glasses as a “disguise” didn’t seem as much as another piece of headgear.

How much did his MAN FROM UNCLE remake movie pull in again?

(They probably pestered the knock-off Spider-Mans, Minnie Mouses, and Elmos asking tourists for bucks more.)

I think that’s because nobody really cares very much at all about MAN OF STEEL outside of comics folks. Certainly it hasn’t made Cavill a household name – he’s done one movie since, which bombed, and has nothing but Zack Snyderverse movies on his plate for the next few years.

It’s weird when Hollywood p.r. for an upcoming film underline the foibles of “movie star fame”.

Unintended consequence from what’s supposed to be another example of shilling, but ever indicative of the Movie industry out there in La-la Land…

(Good thing Cavill told in an interview that he’s handling the role of Superman just for the money and the women then?)

Could also be that Cavill is that perfect blend of handsome and invisible. Attractive but never a stand-out.

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