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Hot Toys’ new Wonder Woman figure stands ready for battle


As with Hawkeye, we can argue about just how “movie-accurate” Hot Toys’ 1/6th-scale Wonder Woman action figure is, but we can likely agree on one thing: It looks pretty awesome.

Part of the Hong Kong toymaker’s rapidly growing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line — we saw photos of a life-size replica earlier this month — the figure stands a little less than 11.5 inches tall, and features 17 points of articulation. It comes with six interchangeable palms, tailored armor, the Lasso of Truth, an engraved sword, a shield and a display stand.

No release date has been announced. Batman v Superman opens Friday nationwide.



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The detail on that is amazing. I’m so glad that there are actually action figures of her out there. I remember one of my nephews looking for action figures of various female characters that he liked, only for there to be none on the shelf. That I did the same thing when I was younger and was often disappointed in the lack of toys for female characters is pretty depressing.

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