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Mezco’s impressive Daredevil figure should be on your radar


As fans count down the days — heck, the hours — until the Friday premiere of the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, Mezco Toyz has unveiled its own impressive take on the Man Without Fear.

The second Marvel figure in the company’s One:12 Collective series (Captain America is the first), the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen boasts 32 points of articulation, a highly detailed fabric costume (complete with shoulder and knee pads), three portraits (standard masked, battle-damaged mask and unmasked Matt Murdock), billy clubs, billy clubs with poseable cable, interchangeable fists, display stand and clip-on sonar effect.

It’s available for preorder for $80, plus shipping. Delivery is expected in October.




Looks awesome!!! luv the detail but at $80 bucks…well out of my range now…not to say someday it wont be back in range as I have spent more…had I had the money…you bet!!!

Eehhh… not into the costume. I want it to be either busy and clunky (Netflix) or simple and clean (comics). But this has everything but Matt’s torso and head busy, what with the padding, belts and different shades of red. I dunno, various shades of the same colour in a costume doesn’t work for me outside of actual illustrated art. Any kind of 3D and it just looks weird.

Also, kinda pricey for a figure. But I do like this style of figure (is there a specific name for this kind of figure with different heads and hands, platform, and the stand thing?), and if they ever made a Legion of Super-Heroes set, I’d be all up in that, since DC hasn’t released any statues of the LoSH. Just not really a figure guy if I can get a decent statue.

Meh, good but I’ve seen better.

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