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‘Monster Squad’ gets the ‘Suicide Squad’-style trailer it deserves


Forget The Avengers. Forget Batman v Superman. Forget Justice League (parts one and two). For kids of the 1980s, The Monster Squad was — heck, it may still be — the ultimate team-up movie. Co-written by Iron Man 3‘s Shane Black, the 1987 horror comedy brought together such classic creatures as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy and the Wolf Man in an all-star team of villains intent on taking over the world.

Now the cult classic is receiving some much-deserved renewed attention, thanks to this terrific trailer by ThatMattCaronGuy that mashes together The Monster Squad with Suicide Squad. Hey, with the similar titles, it was bound to happen sometime.


This edit doesn’t simply drop in “Bohemian Rhapsody” over old movie footage, though. Oh, no: Matt Caron took what we can only presume was a long time to match shots from The Monster Squad with those from the Suicide Squad trailer. He did a bang-up job of it, too. You can watch the edit and the side-by-side comparison below.

If this video doesn’t send you searching for your dusty VHS copy of The Monster Squad then, well, what’s wrong with you?



Horrible movie

nice epsically giving harley the dracula role. a cult classic like monster squad giving some new love.

My name . . . is HORACE!!

Total waste of time

It was a great movie, especially if you were a kid.

It’s a 15 rating in the UK and I enjoyed watching it when I was 7 so when other kids parents asked if it was safe for their kids my parents said yes no worse than Jaws (an old A rating for 5 and above with parent) then they had nightmares which when the parents complained to mine gave me so many teasing opportunities lol.

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