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Ohio middle-school student suspended over ‘Death Note’ booklet

death note

In what’s become a somewhat-regular occurrence once again, a student has been suspended from an Ohio middle school after a teacher found a Death Note-inspired notebook.

The Newark Advocate reports police responded March 14 to Lakewood Middle School in Hebron, Ohio, following the discovery of a booklet labeled “Death List” that contained the names of several students. Once the student who made the notebook was identified, she allegedly told officials the notebook was based on the anime series Death Note.

In Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s hit manga turned anime and live-action movie franchise, a high school student sets out to rid the world of evil using a supernatural notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it.

According to a statement from Lakewood School District Superintendent Mary Kay Andrews, the student was participating in “Fandom Day,” for which she dressed as a character from the anime and apparently used the booklet as a prop.

Although Andrews said there’s no evidence the student intended to harm any of her classmates, she was nevertheless suspended for three days; no charges have been filed. The parents of those students listed in the booklet were also notified.

“Death note” scares occurred with some frequency in the United States between 2008 and 2010 — an attempt to ban the manga in Albuquerque Public Schools failed in 2010 — but have died down more recently. That said, there were reports of at least four incidents last year alone.



I wonder what goes through these people’s minds during Halloween.

You know, Melrose seems, like some others, to treat this as a case of a school going crazy with restrictions, but the kid HAS TO know that having something labeled DEATH LIST in today’s age of mass and school shootings, complete with a list of actual students AT the school, is going to, rightly, trip some alarms. And you know, dollars to donuts, if this kid HAD DONE something, and it came out that the school saw the book, thought nothing of it, and let it go, the same people would be crying that nothing was done.

CJB – a middle school student is generally between the ages of 12 and 14. So no, there’s a good chance that she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to realize that adults are quite THAT stupid yet. She was dressed up for a school sponsored event and was only doing the “fan” thing where you write your friends into the fandom. Since she had no intention of doing anything nutty or dangerous it never would have entered her head that any adult would be stupid enough to think she was. Honestly if everyone agrees that she had no intention of doing anything wrong then the 3 day suspension is just dumb – have a frank discussion with her about how important it is to think about whether you might look like you’re making a death threat against someone or not, slap her on the wrist and send her back to class.

(Adults didn’t seem quite as stupid when I was 14 – and that was in an era when Dungeons and Dragons was causing Satanism to run rampant in our schools. It feels like back in my day there was a lot more “that was stupid – don’t let it happen again” warnings rather than immediately jumping to “you’re out of school, punk”. But I suspect that’s just me looking back with rose-tinted glasses and that, in fact, adults have always been exactly this stupid.)

I am a huge fan of Death Note, it’s one of the only two that like so far and it can be “deathly” at parts but it also teaches you a lot. When I was 13 and I also got suspened for making a Death Note during spirit week. Even after the fact that I asked a teacher (that didn’t like me at all) several days before if it was ok. The’re many things wrong with the shool systems today, you can barely even show what you love on a t-shirt without someone fliping out. Wear a National Guard shirt with their emblom and then it becomes “”vilant””cause it has a man holding a gun. Another subject to concider and I do have to agree with CJB, with how our world is right now she should have known better. Even if she is only a middle shooler, she still would have heard about the other shottings. Jer your probably right about her doing the ”fan” thing, I know when I did made the book it was. Teek you also make a good point, I also wonder what the people in Halloween Town (if they were real) would think.
Oh, and I also live in Ohio. :)

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