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Teen Titans become Tasty Titans with these ground beef sculptures


Kieran Gormley is the meat manager at Uwajimaya in Seattle, but as you can see from these photos, he’s so much more than that: He’s the Gauguin of ground beef, the Botticelli of burger, the Picasso of pork, the … the … OK, as you can see from these photos, he creates amazing sculptures out of ground beef and pork. And we’re thankful for it.

Recently, Gormley turned his skills to the cast of Teen Titans Go!, bringing Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy (with waffles!) to pink, meaty life. Hopefully Cyborg, who once described the hamburger as “man’s crowning achievement,” and Raven are on their way.

You can see more of Gormley’s work on his appropriately titled Epic Grinds blog.

(via Neatorama)



damn that’s gross and neat at the same time.

I admit, I’d probably purchase these and try to cook them so they retain as much of their shape as possible.

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