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The ‘K’ in KFC stands for Krypton in this ‘Batman v Superman’ tie-in


If there remains any doubt what the “S” means on Krypton, it’s “seven herbs and spices,” at least judging by this Batman v Superman promotional tie-in from KFC Philippines.

Locations across the country are offering a limited-edition Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Bucket Meal, featuring a bucket that depicts the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel facing off … presumably over the last thigh. Fans can upsize their medium drink to score a BvS tumbler, which will undoubtedly find its way onto eBay.

Sadly, there are no movie-themed dishes as part of the promotion, like Gotham Gravy or Kryptonian Hot Wings (the spaghetti and rice shown in the image are standard sides in the Philippines).

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25 in North America, and March 26 in the Philippines.


(via Superman Super Site)



Ayos! Makakain nga maya-maya!

Aw yeah. Spaghetti w/hot dog and jufran!! The breakfast of suoerheroes.

Hey Kevin,

I just had lunch at kfc here in manila and saw these, i’m surprised I thought this was an international thing, meaning its the same with kfc in the usa, im surprised its only happening in the philippines.

Kompleto ko na agad. :D

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