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This ‘Batman v Superman’ ice cream may be our kryptonite

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Because you simply can’t have a big-screen super-powered showdown without tasty desserts with lots of sprinkles, Cold Stone Creamery has teamed with Warner Bros. for ice cream and cake creations inspired by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The ice-cream parlor chain has introduced three promotional creations: Batman’s Chocolate Cookie Crusade, with chocolate ice cream, black sprinkles, Oreo cookie and fudge; Superman’s Kryptonian Cake Sensation, with cake batter ice cream, red, yellow and blue sprinkles, strawberries, yellow cake and whipped topping; and Wonder Woman’s Strawberry Warrior, with strawberry ice cream, red and yellow sprinkles, graham cracker pie crust and raspberries.

Each ice cream creation comes with its own collectible shield ring representing that character.

In addition, there’s a Batman v Superman promotional cake, made from layers of devil’s food cake and sweet cream ice cream with Oreo cookies wrapped in fluffy white frosting. It features a Batmobile cake topper, naturally.

The Batman v Superman ice cream and cake creations will be available at Cold Stone Creamery locations through April 19.

Cold Stone Creamery FM Mix In Tag Rings

Cold Stone Creamery CMYK FM WC 3 Superhero Creations

Cold Stone Creamery CMYK FM Poster BvS Cake



Looks like I will be packing on the pounds I guess

This is funny, because Pierre’s has had Superman ice-cream since the 1980’s. I think because Pierre’s ice cream is from Cleveland, Ohio, where Superman originated.

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