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This life-size LEGO Hulkbuster is made from 1 million bricks


Following the debut of this impressively life-size LEGO Iron Man Hulkbuster, the Incredible Hulk won’t be doing any brick-smashing in London. It’s already been characterized as the United Kingdom’s “largest LEGO model.”

Installed Wednesday at The Toy Store’s Oxford Street location, massive model measures more than 8 feet tall and weighs just north of a ton. Composed of more than 1 million bricks, the Hulkbuster was constructed over 940 hours by six Master Builders.

So, yeah, you’re unlikely to put together one of these in your living room anytime soon …




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Well.. I’m impressed. Now we need to get the guys to make a Hulk and smash them into each other, as LEGOs were intended :)

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