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This McDonald’s anime is really the world’s cutest recruiting ad


If all McDonald’s were like the one depicted in this anime commercial, there would be a line out the door to submit applications.

Of course, that’s the entire point of the commercial for McDonald’s Japan, which doubles as a lovely and heartwarming anime short and a lovely and heartwarming recruiting video.

Produced by Studio Colorido, it’s part of the fast-food chain’s “Join the Crew” campaign to attract new part-time employees. Featuring the voices of Japanese pop supergroup AKB48, “The Future Me” follows a shy teen named Sumire, who starts out shaky in her new job at McDonald’s. However, with the help of a patient, she grows into a confident employee who, by the end of the short, she moves into a mentor role herself.

According to Anime News Network, there are different versions of the short for each region of Japan; a different member AKB48 voices Sumire in each one.



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