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Watch: How a Batman-Superman fight would really play out


There’s no denying the Dark Knight’s armored suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is really, really cool, and will undoubtedly sell tons of merchandise, but let’s face it: The Man of Steel would open that thing up like a tin can.

In fact, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which Batman — an incredibly smart man with lots of neat gadgets who, in the end, is still just a man — could defeat Superman, or even last more than a few moments against him, at least without a heaping helping of Kryptonite. The Pivot Group puts the matchup to the test in this fun animated video that plays out six confrontations between the two heroes.

(Spoiler: None of them ends well for Batman.)

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Pretty much.
Honestly, I think the only thing that’s really saved Batman’s derriere so far is that iconic Superman is more humane than a good chunk of humanity.

Well actually every instance where Batman and Superman squared off, Batman has been the victor. L2R Comics

That’s typically ignored is superman’s IQ is far superior to batman. And Even a fast sub-sonic hit in a suit or not, would turn batman into a blob (like dropping a tomato off the roof).

voice of reason

March 23, 2016 at 5:59 pm

In what world is Supermans IQ hire than Batmans? Answer: None. Batman is the brains of the JL. I never once heard about Supes building a space fort that orbits earth. What pisses me off about the “Superman will always beat Batman” mentality is that people really don’t think it through. Batman is an expert tactician. He has spent his life becoming what he is, and by the way he is not “just a man”. He is a man who has surpassed every conceivable expectation and goal humanity can ever hope to achieve. His will is his superpower and nobody ever gets the best of him. That being said, I love Superman, but he never had a reason to become something greater than what he is. He was born more powerful than anyone around, so why learn about strategy? Or proper fighting technique? Or anything us regulars would have to learn? If he had the passion and the will of Batman it would not be a question, but he doesn’t. He rests on his laurels while Batman continues to perfect his craft. Of course at the end of the day I don’t know why we argue about this. The real factor is who is writing the story of the fight to begin with.

Actually, in answer to voice of reason, Superman possesses all the intellectual capability of a descendant of the house of El, one of Krypton’s foremost scientific houses, along with a Kryptonian computer that gives him access to all their ancient knowledge. He’s basically about a hundred thousand years advanced over any human being. In addition he can read at super-speed on the rare opportunities that he has to learn something.

Various comics have shown that Superman has learned Kryptonian unarmed combat techniques, which he has needed when fighting enemies with power close to, or superior to, his own. I’ve also read that the only limitation on Superman’s power is mental, he is basically as powerful as he allows himself to be.

Batman can have all the willpower in the world, but willpower won’t allow a man to punch through the steel armour of a battleship. To Superman our hardest strongest steels are so much tissue paper.

Now as a reader I’d say that Superman is grossly overpowered, which makes it very difficult to write any sort of conflict for him, but it is that “overpoweredness” that makes it impossible for Batman to beat him.

Of course Batman himself has the superpower of gross Marty Stuness. Superman is forgivable in a sense because his powers derive from simply being an alien to our world. Batman meanwhile is just a man, and we know the limitations of human mind, flesh, and bone. His abilities supposedly derive from study and training, but where does he find time for all the study and training he’d need? He also has the superpower of “MOAR MONEY” where apparently billions can be poured into his crime fighting operation without anyone actually noticing.

Both are the victims of lazy writing in my opinion.

This is obviously not based on the comics. It is based on the common sense that Superman could beat Batman in any situation that does not involve Kryptonite. Now the comics do state that Superman is way ahead of any human intellectually, with the power he has he would have to be an extremely smart person to control it.

I love how one stated that the only reason that superman lost to batman was because of the writing. So what about the terrible writing that just literally written sups into a god? He originally was only faster than a bullet, not the speed of light. Stronger than a locomotive, not strong enough to lift a book that has infinite weight. The writers kept changing sups to a point where he is just boring now. Why don’t they make a Dr Manhattan/ sups cross over. Oh I tell you, because they know that sups wouldn’t stand a chance against him. then again, the writers would more than likely just write him some new power that makes him omnipotent.

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