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Wolverine goes claws out with new Marvel Now! ARTFX+ statue


Because no X-Men lineup would be complete without Wolverine, Kotobukiya has unveiled the final statue in its ARTFX+ series inspired by the mutants of Marvel Now!

Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe from concept art by Adi Granov, this diminutive 1/10th-scale Wolverine statue stands just 7.5 inches tall (compared, say, to Cyclops, at 8 inches). Sporting his black-and-yellow costume, Logan joins the previously released Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, Magik, Beast and Rogue.

Wolverine is targeted for release in September.



No one will buy this because this costume is already out of date.

It’s pretty bad ass, though. Speaking of, Logan’s ass looks great, in this sculpt!!

I’ll buy it because I like the costume! Sadly it was short lived, still it’s one of my favorite designs for Logan.

Cant believe Storm isn’t included in this line!

I realize the whole costume is an “X,” but I’m not thrilled that there are no X badges to be found anywhere. Such an iconic part of the costumes that has been tossed away.

I am sure we will get another re-painted version of this in a month. Like the white costume Magneto there will be a re-paint with the brown costume.

Will always be waiting for Storm and Gambit

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