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Captain Marvel, classic Rogue lead new Marvel Legends wave


Hasbro isn’t only showcasing Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figures at New York Comic Con. The toymaker also unveiled the new lines of Marvel Legends figures, with a 6-inch Rogue (in her classic Jim Lee costume) and 3.75-inch Captain Marvel leading the charge.

Dubbed “Marvel Legends Civil War,” to tie in to next year’s Captain America: Civil War, the 6-inch line also features Mockingbird, Sharon Carter, Scourge, Taskmaster, Cottonmouth and Whirlwind.

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Man accused of posing as federal agent to score con pass

The crowd at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

The crowd at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Countless fans have pledged to beg, borrow or steal to get their hands on VIP passes. But how many would go far as to impersonate a federal law enforcement officer?

A federal grand jury handed down an indictment Wednesday against a Utah man accused of posing as an agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations in order to gain VIP access to last month’s Salt Lake Comic Con.

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Feel the power of the Dark Side with HP’s new ‘Star Wars’ laptop


If you don’t already know the power of the Dark Side, you can probably learn with the newly revealed Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from Hewlett-Packard.

Part of the avalanche of merchandise tied to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the notebook boasts an Empire-inspired, battle-worn design featuring images of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. The words “Galactic Empire” are even written on it in Aurebesh, in case there were any doubts about the computer’s origins. For added effect, the keyboard lights up in signature Sith red.

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‘Chewie, we’re home': Hasbro reveals new Han Solo action figure [Updated]


Hasbro has officially unveiled images of the new wave of 6-inch figures from its Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series, including General Hux and a First Order Snowtrooper. But as cool as they are, they’re nothing compared to what the toymaker showcased last night at New York Comic Con.

At its annual ’Twas the Night Before … Party, Hasbro displayed the very first Han Solo figure from the new film. Although no official photos have been released just yet, some folks were on hand to snap their own.

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Baymax turns menacing as ‘Big Hero 6′ meets ‘Age of Ultron’


Caring and cuddly Baymax became an international sensation last year, as audiences left Disney’s Big Hero 6 wanting their own personal healthcare companion. However, this trailer may lead fans to change their minds about the hairy baby-petting robot.

Created by Zenlike Productions, “Big Hero 6: Age of Baymax” is (as the title suggests) a mashup of Disney’s animated hit and Marvel’s blockbuster Avengers sequel. It’s impressively edited, combining footage from Big Hero 6 and dialogue of Age of Ultron to tease the story of a homicidal Baymax bent on the destruction of humanity, and the group of teenagers determined to stop him.

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Comics A.M. | ‘Tintin’ original art fetches $1.2 million at auction

From "The Blue Lotus," by Herge

From “The Blue Lotus,” by Herge

Auctions | A rare drawing of Tintin by Hergé from the 1936 book The Blue Lotus was sold at auction Monday in Hong Kong for $1.2 million. The black-and-white illustration, which depicts Tintin and Snowy being pulled in a rickshaw through the streets of Shanghai, is the only original piece from the book that remains in private hands. [BBC News]

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‘Dragon Ball Z’ is somehow even more epic with finger puppets


When a disagreement between roommates can’t be resolved with reason, rock-paper-scissors or a thumb war, the only logical solution is to reenact Dragon Ball Z with finger puppets, a musical interlude, and a liberal amount of terrible hand puns.

As you may have guessed, the folks at HigaTV do just that in this highly entertaining, and highly energetic, video called “DragHAND Ball Z.” Hey, you were warned about the puns.

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Let the Wookiee win: ‘Star Wars’ fan creates playable Dejarik set


Although featured only briefly in 1977’s Star Wars, in the scene aboard the Millennium Falcon where C-3PO advises R2-D2 to “Let the Wookiee win,” Dejarik has remained close to the hearts of franchise fans. Director J.J. Abrams even used an image of the game board last year to tease the appearance of Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And now, nearly four decades after its original appearance, someone has brought the holographic chess game to playable life.

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Work like a superhero with these Justice League office products


It’s not easy to feel like you could save the world when you’re not sure you can make it until lunchtime. However, these Justice League-themed office products might be what you need to power through the day. Because who doesn’t like cool office products?

Available for preorder from Icon Heroes through the October Previews catalog, there are metal business card cases featuring the logos of Wonder Woman (item code OCT152828) and The Flash (OCT152827), priced at $30 each.

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Dig into some Brain Cake for the “Walking Dead” premiere


Hosting a “Walking Dead” season premiere party and looking to impress your friends? Well, worry not! This amazing Brain Cake recipe from How to Cake It gives you a step-by-step recipe and breakdown on how create a deep red velvet cake with fondant brain tissue and raspberry jam blood.

And all you’ll need is some simple ingredients, a taste for the macabre and extreme baking skills that I certainly do not possess.

NYCC: Dynamite hires former Marvel, DC editor Rachel Pinnelas

dynamite logoDynamite Entertainment has hired former Marvel and DC Comics editor Rachel Pinnelas as associate editor.

After serving in 2008 as an intern at Marvel, Pinnelas was hired as an assistant editor, working on such series as Avengers Academy, Secret Warriors and The Punisher. She moved in 2013 to DC, where she was an assistant editor in the collected editions department until the company completed its move to Los Angeles.

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New wave of “Star Wars” toys awakens


Force Friday unleashed onto fans a Sarlacc Pit full of awesome toys and collectibles from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and as the December 18 release date of the film draws closer, the force of toys continues to grow, with MTV News revealing the latest wave of Big-Figs from JAKKS Pacific.

Featuring Finn (sadly without lightsaber), a First Order Stormtrooper and two variants of a TIE Fighter Pilot, these figures stand approximately 20″ and cost about $19.99 each.

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This Iron Man mini-fridge is as cool (or hot) as Tony Stark

im fridge2

Decades of hard work and innovation, first by Howard Stark and then by Tony Stark, have brought us to this: the Iron Man Mini-Fridge.

Forget all of the battle armor, weapons of mass destruction and nano-whatsits, this may be the pinnacle of Stark Industries achievement. Sold by ThinkGeek, the 14-cubic-foot fridge holds an entire six-pack, and its door is molded to resemble Iron Man’s helmet, complete with light-up eyes. It even has a handle, for easy carrying.

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Japanese officials seize fan’s anime figures over back taxes


Consider this a cautionary tale for collectors: It’s called, “The Guy Who Lost His Precious Anime Figures Because He Didn’t Pay His Taxes.”

Rocket News24 reports that when officials from Sanyo-Onoda City in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture were dispatched to collect back taxes from a resident, they didn’t discover any cash or jewelry they could seize. They did, however, find the man’s collection of anime figures.

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‘Limitless’ brings comic book staple to life in awesome sight gag


When you think about CBS’ TV spinoff of “Limitless,” comic books probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. However, a scene from the latest episode may just change that.

During a scene where protagonist Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) speaks with FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter), he reveals he “checked in” with everybody in the FBI field office that day by reading their lips. As he describes this to her, he flashes back to an earlier time; the audience sees the room from Brian’s perspective as he surveys the scene, and speech balloons pop up in front of everyone who’s talking. If you think it looks awesome in the photos here, you should check out the scene in motion, as the bubbles float and move with each person in the room.

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