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Car crashes into Florida comic store

famous faces and toys

Famous Faces & Funnies in West Melbourne, Florida, reopened today after a car crashed through the front of the comic store Wednesday afternoon.

According to local news reports and the store’s Facebook page, the 65-year-old driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries after she mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of the break, sending her car smashing through the front of the building. A customer suffered minor abrasions, and went to the emergency room as a precaution.

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Grumpy Old Fan | A Supergirl for (all) the ages

Girl, you'll be a woman soon-ish

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon-ish

It’s a good time to be a Supergirl fan. The preview for CBS’s Supergirl debuted a couple of weeks ago (and some of you may have even gotten to see — ahem — even more). Based on that, the show has been named one of the eight Most Exciting New Series by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. Closer to home, the preview also inspired my colleague Caleb Mozzocco to ask whether there were any non-terrible Supergirl comics.

That took me back. As someone who remembers the full and frank discussions about Supergirl’s image in the mid-2000s, when the character became emblematic of the decline of superheroes, it’s very weird indeed to realize that Supergirl could be a standard-bearer for superhero television.

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The Flash and Reverse-Flash zoom into ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


Fast on the heels of Superman and Spider-Man, there are now Grand Theft Auto V mods for both The Flash and the Reverse-Flash. At this rate, players will soon be able to assemble their own Justice League.

Based on the Super Heroes series of mods, The Flash mod enables the red-clad character to run faster and fly higher, while the Reverse-Flash version introduces the yellow suit. There’s a super-speed feature that comes complete with rocket blast, fired from the butt, naturally.

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Iron Man figures reimagined as Hello Kitty, Batman and more


Between three solo movies and two Avengers features, there have been a lot of Iron Man action figures release over the past eight years, but few of them — all right, none of them — are as amazing as these custom creations by Sam Kwok.

The artist repaints and sculpts Hot Toys Iron Man and War Machine figures (which don’t come cheap, mind you), reimagining them as characters ranging from Batman and Ultraman to Hello Kitty and the Alien Xenomorph.

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Five ‘Convergence’ tie-ins worth reading, even if you didn’t read ‘Convergence’

atom hand

Concluding this week, DC Comics’ Convergence put the big in “big event”: There were 89 individual comic books – a nine-issue weekly miniseries and 40 two-part miniseries – created by more than 75 writers and pencilers, plus a comparable legion of inkers, colorists and letterers.

Because of the sheer size, it’s difficult to review the event in its entirety, so I’m not going to bother picking it part here. The main series wasn’t particularly good, while the 40 tie-in series varied from terrible to excellent, with most of them falling somewhere in between.

In case you’ve watched this leviathan of a superhero event passing by without reading much – or any – of it, I thought it would be worthwhile to point out some of those excellent books, the ones that you should read if you decide to pick up any of Convergence, regardless of your interest in, or affection for, particular characters.

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Comics A.M. | Daniel Clowes on ‘Eightball’ and Shia LaBeouf

Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes

Creators | Daniel Clowes talks about Eightball, his hate mail, and the Shia LaBeouf affair: “I mean, I don’t hold a grudge. I don’t think about it that much. But I don’t think what he did was really forgivable. I don’t know that it matters that much if he’s apologizing or whatever. I just hate the idea of anybody doing that to some young artist who couldn’t hire legal representation. I’m sort of the one guy who could deal with something like that, and it would be really possible for somebody with his amount of money and power to just crush some poor young artist if that happened to them, and I would hate to see that. So I don’t think it’s something that needs to be forgiven; I think it’s something that always needs to be thought of as just a horrible thing to do.” [Vulture]

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‘The Sixth Gun’ RPG Kickstarter blasts past funding goal


Just two days after its launch, the Kickstarter campaign for the role-playing game based on The Sixth Gun has already exceeded its $5,000 goal by more than $24,000.

According to Oni Press, the publisher of the supernatural Western series by Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt and Bill Crabtree, the effort has surpassed $27,000 within the first 24 hours.

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SNIKT! Here’s how to build your own working Wolverine claws


While those fully automatic stainless-steel Wolverine claws created last year by garage inventor Colin Furze were undeniably awesome, the odds of them leading to serious injury and arrest are pretty high. Luckily there’s now a safer DIY solution.

Advancer Technologies has released a tutorial for 3D-printed bionic claws that make use of the company’s MyoWare device, a muscle sensor that detects whether you’re flexing (and even how hard), and then responds accordingly. In this instance, the flexing forearm triggers the SNIKT-ing of the 4-inch claws; relaxing retracts them.

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Have a spare $100,000? A ‘Star Wars: Battle Pod’ could be yours

star wars-battlepod

For die-hard fans, this may be the time to consider what’s more important: a car, a home and possibly food, or the Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game. Take your time; Bandai Namco won’t begin taking orders until next month.

The price is indeed steep. According to Kotaku, the standard home version (below) of the first Star Wars arcade game ages (15 years, maybe?) will set you back about $35,000. For the premium version (above), however, you may have to consider a second mortgage: $100,000 gets you either the Rebel pilot helmet or Darth Vader helmet exteriors, leather seats that move and react to the game, carpeting and a specially bound owner’s manual.

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This Doraemon giant speaker has traveled back in time to jam


In the popular Doraemon manga and anime franchise, a blue robotic cat is sent back in time from the 22nd century to help a little boy. However, what creators Fujiko Fujio didn’t tell us is that his mission is also to rock out.

The Japanese company Run’a has unveiled its Doraemon Giant Speaker, a 15.7-inch robot cat-shaped speaker that can be connected to your smartphone, MP3 player or computer using a USB connection or standard audio port. Doraemon’s arms can be moved and, as you can see in the video below, his bell lights up in time with the music.

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Spider-Man isn’t all that friendly in this ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ mod


Superman isn’t the only costumed hero getting his moment in Grand Theft Auto V‘s yellow sun: There’s now a Spider-Man mod that allows players to swing from building to building, killing people as they go (it is GTA, after all).

The man of (apparently) many costumes, Trevor Phillips can exchange Superman’s red-and-blue threads for Spider-Man’s, and use the grappling hook to rappel up and down walls, leap on top of cars and, yes, kill people. With great power … somethin’ somethin’.

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Ed Piskor’s ‘Hop Hop Family Tree’ to become monthly comic


Ed Piskor’s bestselling book series Hip Hop Family Tree will released beginning in August as a monthly comic, a first for Fantagraphics Books. Each issue will feature a new cover and splash page, “director’s commentary” from Piskor and other extras.

Debuting in 2013, the Eisner-nominated series chronicles the history of hip hop, tracing the genre back to its origins in the South Bronx. The 32-page first issue shines a spotlight on those break-dancers, graffiti artists, DJs and MCs who formed hip-hop culture in the early 1970s.

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Comics A.M. | Cartoon Art Museum secures lease extension

Cartoon Art Museum

Cartoon Art Museum

Museums | San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, which announced last month that it would have to move by the end of June, will be able to remain at its current location at 655 Mission St. through September, thanks to a lease extension. Skyrocketing rent is forcing the museum to leave property that’s been its home since 2001; officials have yet to find a new location. [KRON]

Political cartoons | Indian cartoonist Aseem Trivedi has launched an online magazine of political cartoons, Black and White: Strokes of Resistance. The first issue includes work from another project, “A Cartoon for Every Lash,” a series of 50 cartoons in support of Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes for allegedly insulting Islam. Trivedi himself was arrested in India in 2012 on sedition charges that were later dropped. [Reporters Without Borders]

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DC seeks to stop software company from trademarking ‘Gotham’

gotham city

After drawing widespread attention last week for its effort to block singer Rihanna from trademarking “Robyn,” DC Comics has turned its attention to Gotham.

In documents filed Tuesday, and first reported by Pirated Thoughts, DC has asked the United States Trademark and Patent Office to reject an attempt by software company Palantir Technologies to register “Gotham” as the name of a computer program. As the law blog notes, the product was previously referred to as “Palantir Gotham,” but for unknown reasons the company decided to drop the first half of the name, thereby attracting the watchful eyes DC’s attorneys.

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Forbidden Planet debuts exclusive Ninja Turtles merchandise


Forbidden Planet has struck a deal with Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products to sell an exclusive line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise in its U.K. stores and online.

The products, which range from T-shirts to coffee mugs to greetings cards, were previewed over the weekend at MCM London Comic Con. The line will officially launch June 6 with a party at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore.

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