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Robot 666 | Six wicked and wild werewolves

The Wolfman

Today marks the third anniversary of our werewolf western series HIGH MOON. To celebrate, Steve Ellis and I thought we’d take the time to share with you our top list of werewolves that have influenced, entertained, and inspired us over the years.

Starting with this classic:

6. The Wolf Man

SE: You can’t go wrong with this classic tale of innocent Larry Talbot, a poor bastard of a man, who gets caught up in circumstances that are out of his control. I saw this when I was younger – so I’m not sure how much it would still hold up though.

DG: This is a simple yet effective atmospheric masterpiece of horror. Lon Chaney Jr. plays his role to perfection. This is the foundation that all great werewolf movies should be built upon.

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Digital Interface: the id.ego interview


Recently, it was revealed that id.ego and Tim Smith III would be collaborating on X: THE UNKNOWN a digital series for comiXology’s COMICS app. Earlier this week, I took some time to talk to the project’s author about pen names, digital distribution, and kung-fu!

Welcome, id.

For starters, what is the high concept or premise behind this new series?

This is a tough one, because X: The Unknown is ultimately, a mystery and I want to preserve the big reveal for readers. Basically, this kid, Xerxes, gets dragged into a clandestine struggle over something that if it became public knowledge would throw the entire planet into bloody war. And I know that sounds pretty standard, but seriously, if people knew this secret, the world would go to hell in a hand-basket really, really fast in a very sad way.

Sort of like the novel, Blindness, where if you take away or introduce one element into polite society, they turn into savages. It becomes very apparent early in the story that it is exactly what would happen, but keeping this secret is tricky. What would you be willing to do to save the world by preventing this secret from coming out?

I know, I am being vague.

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HIGH MOON Season Four Debuts!


This weekend marks the coming of the  Harvest Moon,  the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox.

In two years out of three, the Harvest Moon comes in September, but this year it occurs in October just before hunting season.

This ominous moon also signals the debut the long-awaited fourth season of the werewolf epic – HIGH MOON!

Written by myself, illustrated by Steve Ellis, and lettered by Scott O. Brown, this season brings Macgregor to the streets of London where he must unravel a hidden family curse before it claims its next victim.

After this weekend’s update, you see new pages every Monday by sundown.

Digital Interface: The Ron Perazza Interview


Later this month, Zuda Comics will celebrate its second anniversary as DC’s webcomics imprint. One of the people responsible for the success is Ron Perazza, Vice President of Creative Services.

Welcome Ron.

For starters, take a moment to tell our readers who you are.

Sure. I’m the Vice President of Creative Services for DC Comics – which doesn’t really do much to describe what I do every day. In a nutshell, I’m responsible for what can very, very loosely be described as “other.” Ha! It includes everything from custom publishing (like posters for the American Library Association or LEGO’s Bionicle Comics), creative for promotions and tie-ins based on DC Comics characters (like the BATMAN BEGINS DVD menu, the SUPERMAN RETURNS/PEPSI webcomic or the SMALLVILLE animated “content wraps”) and creation of marketing materials such as convention graphics, house ads or PREVIEWS. I also oversee DC Online, which includes all of our websites, of course, but also things like the audio/video & podcasts and I’m very involved with DC Comics’ talent search, which we do at conventions. On top of all of that, I run Zuda Comics – DC Comics’ webcomics imprint. It’s kind of never the same day twice.

For those who haven’t heard about Zuda Comics, what it is all about?

Zuda Comics is DC Comics’ webcomic imprint. Basically we’re publishing comics online and then later, once there’s enough material available, collecting them as graphic novels for traditional print distribution. We take open submissions – anyone can send us their ideas and samples – but we select what we’re going to publish in kind of a unique way. On the one hand we have a traditional editorially driven selection process where the Zuda Editors (Kwanza, Nika and I) simply read, review and select what we think would be good for the site. However, in addition to that we have a competition where we put the submissions online and let the users decide. The resulting catalog is a pretty interesting mix of genre and style but I think it’s been very effective so far.

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Girls With Slingshots: Five Years, Two Girls, One Cactus

Five years ago today, Danielle Corsetto launched a tiny little webcomic called GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS.

Girls With Slingshots

The comic, which debuted at SPX on October 1st 2004, details the foul-mouthed misadventures of two twenty-somethings – Hazel Tellington and Jamie McJack and their talking Scottish cactus, McPedro. Since its debut, GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS has grown from a cult-hit to a massive webcomics phenomenon with over 70,000 readers a day. Continue Reading »

Mike Perridge’s Thirty Golden Rules


Over on his blog, webcomics pundit and digital comics critic, Mike Perridge has posted ‘Thirty Golden Rules‘ for creators considering submitting a series to Zuda Comics. While several of his rules are Zuda-specific, many of them also apply to comic-creating and comic professionalism too.

Here are just a few choice snippets:

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How To Draw Monsters The Steve Ellis Way

While many of you may know Steve Ellis from his work on HIGH MOON (due out in comic shops and book stores today!), he also has spent many years leading a double life as a fantasy illustrator and mad scientist. Elric, Dungeons and Dragons, Warcraft, Warhammer, and White Wolf are just some of the many fantastical worlds that Steve has brought to life with his imaginative and epic illustrations.

And now, you too can draw vampires, werewolves, zombies, and monsters just like Steve Ellis with his new book: SCREAM! Inside this vivid 128 page book, you’ll learn expert monster-making techniques on how to create dynamic gestures, freakish lighting effects, heart-stopping terror, or dramatic gothic tragedy. You’ll also find over twenty tutorials to help you create you own dreadful creatures in the comfort of you own home, studio, or laboratory!

The book retails for $22.99 (or $16.55 on Amazon) and it is perfect gift for the monsters in your life.

What’s Inside Box 13?


Developed specifically for comixology’s COMICS iphone app, BOX 13 is a serialized digital comics neo-noir thriller created by myself, Steve Ellis, & Scott O. Brown.

Of course, we’ll be talking a lot more about it in the coming weeks.

But, for now, I thought I’d give you an exclusive sneak peek of the cover.

The series is scheduled to launch on October 13th.

A Cold Day In December: Gallaher talks Winter Guard

This was my first introduction into THE SOVIET SUPER SOLDIERS – Ursa Major, Darkstar, and Vanguard – the team that would eventually become THE WINTER GUARD. I was only a few months into collecting and reading comics at that point – and I got the book admittedly because of the Speedball cameo in the beginning of the story. As a teenager, I found the cover disturbing – could the Avengers really have murdered this team of Russian superheroes? The truth, of course, was a little more complex – and, of course,  I was hooked on the revelation!

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