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Just Past the Horizon: This is not an auspicious start.

Women’s Wear Daily published an article last week about Marvel’s new line of women’s apparel and cosmetics that featured this image:

Admittedly, the image itself is cute.

Admittedly, the image itself is cute.

The shirt itself doesn’t harm anything by existing. I don’t object to it any more than I’d object to seeing a T-shirt featuring Jenny Sparks, the Engineer, and Swift that says “I love to see women in Authority.” It’s a cute idea. I do have serious problems with it being alone in that article. Well, not alone. It’s on display with some heart pendants featuring Spider-man/Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man/Green Goblin (which I predict will be a surprisingly good seller) and lip gloss tubes featuring unrecognizable characters kissing. And that begs the question… Where are the female superheroes in this superhero merchandise aimed at female people?
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Just Past the Horizon: Neutrality

This month I saw a few links and conversations that seem to miss a basic fact of human society when the subjects of gender, race and sexual orientation are brought up, so I’m going to state this sentance in all caps on the front page just to make sure everyone has it perfectly clear:

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Just Past the Horizon: The male space is just better hidden

So Scans_Daily has finally been shut down by livejournal. The usual hand wringing when a livejournal community gets suspended is going on, and there are places in the conversation where I see the feminine space versus masculine space argument creep in. I’m always interested in that argument, but I can’t really agree with the idea that Scans_Daily was deleted because it was feminine space. It wasn’t shut down because it was a girl community. It was shut down because it was a soft piracy community hosted by a panicky social networking website.
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Just Past the Horizon: Mary Who?

Today I address the subject of “Mary Sues.” I promise profanity beneath the cut.
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Just Past the Horizon: Heroic appeal

In the last couple of days there’s been a few minor blowups in the superhero fan community that caught my attention. One is centered around a movie reviewer who claimed that women were by nature more interested in romance than heroics, so there wasn’t a need for a female superhero movie.

Our movie reviewer picked up that startlingly unoriginal insight like a chunk of fecal matter hardened by an early January frost (which to say a number of us are wondered just how he brought himself to actually write and post that thought on the internet) and chucked it into the deceptively still waters of female fandom. The result was a beautiful rippling mess of nearly unanimous disapproval, from readers of superhero comics and superhero fans who prefer other media. The young man is still buried under a wave of comments trying to explain that he was just using generalizations. (Please note that a generalization is a logical fallacy, so that’s not a good defense.)

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