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No supervillain’s lair is complete without this skull armchair


Some days you just want to relax and gaze out a window while contemplating world domination and the destruction of your enemies. On those days, you need this skull armchair.

Created by Parisian designer Gregory Besson, it’s for the supervillain who doesn’t require the showiness of 24-karat gold and black velvet to project power.

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‘Captain America’ theme gets a heavy metal makeover


It’s not often that you can say “Captain America rocks” — after all, he’s a straight-laced superhero who’s roughly your (great-) grandparents’ age. However, here it’s fitting, and without an ounce of irony.

Eric Calderone (aka Erock), whom you may recognize from his 2014 rendition of the Iron Man theme, pay tribute to the Sentinel of Liberty with a metal version of Alan Silvestri’s “Captain America March” from Captain America: The First Avenger — with a little assistance from “Underoos.”

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With these adorable Deadpool Cosbabies, looks ARE everything


Sure, you may think Deadpool looks like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado, but have you seen these Cosbaby versions of the Merc With a Mouth? They’re downright precious.

Unveiled by Hot Toys, each of the five bobble-head figures stands 9.5 centimeters, and depicts Deadpool in a different pose: sword-fighting, gesturing, surprised, striking a fighting pose, and making a hand heart gesture.

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MegaBots plans to create giant-robot fighting league (Seriously!)


MegaBots Inc. isn’t content to simply face Japan in a giant-robot battle — oh, no. The Oakland, California-based startup wants to take real-life mecha match-ups worldwide with a sci-fi sports league.

Think Ultimate Fighting Championship, only with oversize, gas-powered piloted robots.

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Shanghai Disney’s ‘Tron’ ride looks like a scene from the movie


Although the new Shanghai Disney Resort doesn’t officially open until June 16, we already have an up-close look at its Tron-inspired roller coaster, thanks to incredible point-of-view footage captured during a cast preview.

Be warned: If you get motion sickness, or have bad memories of the Grid, you may want to turn away, because this video puts you right in the middle of the action.

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Fan creates working Captain America shield, with electromagnets


Caught up in the excitement for Civil War, the Hacksmith set out to create a replica shield that can actually attach and detach to his arm, much in the way Captain America’s does in the film. That, of course, calls for the construction of an electromagnetic arm brace.

Because, of course.

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Valentino debuts Batman, Superman and Spider-Man sneakers


The designers at Valentino must have an appreciation for superheroes, or at least their aesthetic. After first introducing a capsule collection inspired by Wonder Woman, the Italian fashion house has partnered with DC Comics and Marvel for a trio of sneakers based on Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

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Enormous Deadpool statue seeks to seduce Japan


Wade Wilson is determined to win over the people of Japan … with an enormous statue of Deadpool lying seductively on the bed of a truck.

If you think that come-hither pose looks familiar, it’s because it was used in the marketing of the blockbuster movie. Only that time, the Merc With a Mouth was lying, Burt Reynolds-like, on a bearskin run, in front of a fireplace.

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Dancing Stormtroopers awaken the Force on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’


If the Star Wars movies have taught us anything, it’s that Stormtroopers have terrible aim. But clearly what they lack in accuracy, they make up for on the dance floor.

Appearing Saturday on Britain’s Got Talent, the six members of Boogie Storm initially baffled the judges with their Stormtrooper armor, to say nothing of their silence. However, they quickly proved they can move to more than the “Imperial March,” as they broke out an impressive routine to a medley of songs ranging from “Sax” and “Watch Me” to “Gangnam Style” and “Single Ladies.”

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‘Doom’ is even more brutal when remade with a claymation cat


Animator Lee Hardcastle, known for his work for Adult Swim and 20th Century Fox, takes us back to the 1990s with a gory homage to the classic first-person shooter Doom starring a claymation cat.

You’re undoubtedly familiar with “Doomguy,” so now meet Claycat, who can deal out bloody, bone-snapping death with the best of them, all while weathering injuries of his own with little more than a “meow.”

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With ‘The Pokémon Cookbook,’ you gotta cook ‘em all


The Pokémon Cookbook isn’t, as you may have feared, a collection of culinary horrors detailing how to prepare your favorite pocket monsters, but rather more than 35 recipes inspired by the blockbuster franchise. And it’s coming to North America this winter.

Viz Media will publish Maki Kudo’s The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun Recipes, which details how to create delectable dishes ranging from a Poké Ball sushi roll to Pikachu-style ramen and mashed Meowth potatoes. Presumably Meowth isn’t one of the ingredients.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ 8-bit trailer will make you dust off your NES


Although Steve Rogers slept through the 8-bit era, Bucky Barnes may have around, although it’s difficult to imagine him taking a break from assassinations to enjoy a little Castlevania or Super Mario Bros. Nevertheless, both of them would probably appreciate the nostalgia at play in this 8-bit remake of the Captain America: Civil War trailer.

It’s pretty authentic, too, with the dialogue — to say nothing of the music — recreated in classic video game style.

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When a utility belt just won’t do, there’s the Batman backpack


The Dark Knight’s utility belt has held everything from a grapnel gun to a sonic devastator to kryptonite, but what’s to be done with larger items, like a laptop or books? That’s where this Batman backpack comes in.

The Caped Crusader would undoubtedly dub it the “Batpack,” but no matter what you want to call it, it’s pretty cool. Black and gray (naturally), the 18-inch by 14-inch by 8-inch backpack boasts a subtle design — well, as subtle as anything with a Bat-emblem can be.

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Choose a side with retro ‘Captain America: Civil War’ lapel pins


While you may not wear your allegiance on your sleeve, you can wear it on your lapel with these retro-style Captain America: Civil War enamel pins from Mondo.

Inspired by the corner boxes on the covers of classic Marvel comics, these 1-inch pins by designer Tom Whalen are available as either an individual Captain America and Iron Man ($10 each), or as two sets of four: “Team Cap,” featuring Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, or “Team Iron Man,” featuring Iron Man, War Machine, Vision and Black Panther ($35 each).

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World’s first ‘Simpsons’ store opens in Beijing


A familiar-looking door opened Thursday in Beijing, China, on the first Simpsons brick-and-mortar store — but it certainly won’t be the last.

Customers enter the outlet at Taikoo Li Sanlitun shopping center through a silhouette of Bart Simpson’s yellow hair, which gives way to retail space containing a customized art installation and more than 125 specially curated Simpsons products, ranging from a Duff Beer-themed muumuu to glittery Simpsons thermoses to a sequined Bart T-shirt. Most of the items are exclusive to the store.

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