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‘Doom’ is even more brutal when remade with a claymation cat


Animator Lee Hardcastle, known for his work for Adult Swim and 20th Century Fox, takes us back to the 1990s with a gory homage to the classic first-person shooter Doom starring a claymation cat.

You’re undoubtedly familiar with “Doomguy,” so now meet Claycat, who can deal out bloody, bone-snapping death with the best of them, all while weathering injuries of his own with little more than a “meow.”

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See a stop-motion tribute to ‘Game of Thrones,’ made out of paper


To celebrate the debut of its limited-edition Game of Thrones notebooks, Moleskine has released a spectacular stop-motion video tribute to the hit drama’s opening sequences, featuring King’s Landing made entirely out of paper.

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Toys wage an epic war in this amazing stop-motion short


You know those plans you had for lunch? Cancel them, and instead watch “Toys vs. Toys,” this amazing 20-minute stop-motion animated short that pits, well, toys against toys … with nothing less than the future at stake.

It’s the work of Johnny McHone, who imagines evil forces — Darth Vader, the Borg and the Xenomorph, among them — are traveling through time, slaughtering beloved, innocent characters. All that stands in their way is Link and a group of heroes, including Goku, Luke Skywalker, Donatello, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon and Mario.

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Masters of the Universe get real in hilarious ‘He-Man’ reality show


If you’ve ever wanted to find out what happens when the Masters of the Universe stop being polite and start getting … impolite, look no further than The Real Masters of Eternia.

DreamWorks TV’s new “reality show” moves eight Eternians — He-Man, Skeletor, Sheera, Man-At-Arms, Evil-Lyn, Orko, Mer-Man and Beastman — into Castle Greyskull, where they (of course) immediately come into conflict: The “well-adjusted” Skeletor calls dibs on the upstairs bedroom, a fight breaks out over dim-witted He-Man’s cooking, and so on.

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‘Daredevil’s’ opening titles get an 8-bit video game remake


If the epic one-shot fight scenes of Daredevil don’t already have you longing for an old-school video game based on the Netflix drama, then this 8-bit re-creation of the opening credits surely will.

The animation is the work of YouTube user doisDI Desenhando, featuring a faithful rendition of the theme provided by Nick Bellardini.

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Watch: ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer recreated in the DC Animated Universe


You may have thought the latest Suicide Squad movie trailer couldn’t possibly get any better, but that’s only because you hadn’t seen it remade using footage from the classic DC Animated Universe.

Retaining the dialogue, sound effects and music, the video is impressively faithful to the original trailer, as YouTuber Reuven White clearly spent a good deal of time tracking down just the right footage. And when he couldn’t find what he needed (certain characters, for instance), he did an admirable job of improvising.

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‘X-Men: Danger Room Protocols’ shut down after one episode


“X-Men: Danger Room Protocols,” a fan-made animated tribute to the 1990s cartoon and comics, has ended after just one episode, purportedly due to legal pressure from Marvel.

“When I set out to make this project, I never really thought this was going to be an issue,” creator Joel Furtado said in a video posted this morning. “I didn’t think that Marvel was going to react this way, and this outcome, for me, is a little bit shocking.”

When contacted by ROBOT 6, Marvel declined comment.

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Fan-made ‘X-Men: Danger Room Protocols’ calls in the Sentinels


Wolverine and Jean Grey team up against the Sentinels in the premiere episode of the animated web series X-Men: Danger Room Protocols, a fan tribute to the 1990s cartoon and comics.

Announced earlier this month, the biweekly project by Joel Furtado is exactly as advertised: Classic X-Men are placed by Professor X into teams of two and put through their paces in the Danger Room.

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See how this fun LEGO ‘Star Wars’ stop-motion short was made


This week LEGO kicked off a series of stop-motions shorts for its Star Wars toys, beginning with “Freeze Frame,” a lighthearted spot set in Cloud City. It’s a fun 15-second spot that, as it turns out, required a lot of work.

Brotherhood Workshop breaks down the laborious process in a fascinating video that takes us from the storyboards and the construction of the tiny carbon freezing chamber to the practical lighting effects and post-production work.

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Animated ‘X-Men: Danger Room Protocols’ will take you back to the ’90s


If you’re a bit nostalgic for the 1990s X-Men cartoon, you may want to brace yourself, because you’re about to be transported back to your childhood.

Joel Furtado has debuted the introduction to X-Men: Danger Room Protocols, a new animated web series that’s about as ’90s as you can get without involving Mayim Bialik. A tribute to the ’90s cartoons and comics, the biweekly series features a cast of mutants that’ll be instantly familiar to fans of the era.

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Indie studio crafts ‘Spider-Gwen’ animated video

Art by Robbi Rodriguez (Credit: Marvel)

Art by Robbi Rodriguez (Credit: Marvel)

Independent animation company Allegra Town Studio has put together their own brief animated “Spider-Gwen” clip, making us desperately want a Gwen Stacy cartoon ASAP.

Check out their seven-second animation below.

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Captain America fights Nazi zombies in bloody LEGO fan short


If Marvel Studios executives are wondering where to take Captain America after the upcoming Civil War, they need look no further than this incredible — and incredibly bloody — LEGO stop-motion short, in which the Sentinel of Liberty faces off against hordes of zombies. Nazi zombies. Gun-wielding, tank-driving Nazi zombies.

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Lost Disney ‘Oswald’ short film rediscovered after 87 years


A long-lost short film starring Walt Disney’s first animated character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, will be screened next month for the first time in 87 years.

The six-minute “Sleigh Bells” hasn’t been seen since its original release in 1928, and was feared lost forever. However, a print of the film was rediscovered by a researcher browsing the online catalog of the British Film Institute’s National Archive and restored by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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You can carve your own ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ pumpkins


Although they may be cutting it a little close, the folks at DC Collectibles are bringing some of Gotham’s most notorious to your door for Halloween with pumpkin-carving patterns inspired by Batman: The Animated Series.

If you’ve not already created your jack-o’-lanterns, here’s your chance to go rogue with The Riddler, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and the Creeper. (You can download the PDFs by clicking the photos on the DC Comics website.)

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Watch ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ intro recreated in 3D animation


As beloved as the first two Ghostbusters movies are, for many kids in the mid-1980s and early ’90s, the animated television series was effectively the “real” Ghostbusters.

Airing for a whopping seven seasons, The Real Ghostbusters continued the story of the original film, albeit with drastically different-sounding, and -looking, characters (Egon’s gravity-defying blond coif was a supernatural phenomenon all its own). The series also retained Ray Parker Jr.’s infectious movie theme, which was used for the cartoon’s minute-long premise-establishing opening credits.

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