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Original ‘Tintin’ art sells at auction for $1.2 million


The original artwork for the final two pages of the 1939 Tintin comic King Ottokar’s Sceptre sold at auction Saturday in Paris for €1.05 million, or about $1.2 million.

Another two-page spread from the same book sold at auction last fall for $1.7 million. While that’s a hefty sum, it’s not a record price for Tintin art: That belongs to a 1939 illustration signed by creator Hergé, which fetched $2.9 million in 2014.

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JK Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ writing chair sells for $394,000


Sorry, Muggles, you missed your chance to own a piece of Harry Potter history.

The chair author J.K. Rowling sat in while writing the first two novels in the bestselling series sold at auction today for a staggering $394,000. For comparison, the last time it was on the block, in 2009, it fetched a little more than $29,000.

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Rare Spider-Man comic sells at auction for record price

amazing fantasy15

A rare near-mint copy of Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy #15, featuring the 1962 debut of Spider-Man, sold at auction Thursday for $454,100.

Heritage Auctions said that’s the most ever paid at public auction for a Spider-Man comic (as The Associated Press notes, a near-mint copy of the same comic reportedly fetched $1.1 million in a private sale in 2011).

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Autobots, roll out: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee go up for auction


Those childhood dreams of having a real-life Transformer parked in your driveway could come true — for the right price, of course.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the 2014 blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction will go up for auction next month in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mind you, these aren’t actually robots in disguise (unless they’re incredibly well-disguised), but rather the 1992 Peterbilt stunt truck and the customized 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS used in the film.

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Zdarsky auctions rare ‘Star Wars’ variant to help Syrian refugees


Chip Zdarsky’s Jaxxon variant cover for Marvel’s Star Wars: Vader Down #1 is so rare — retailers had to order 4,999 copies to get just one variant — that it’s sold on eBay for upward for $4,000. But now you have a chance to get your own copy for a little less, and help a good cause in the process.

Zdarsky signed his sole copy of the variant and donated it for a charity auction to help raise money to bring a Syrian refugee family to Toronto (the cover is being graded by Certified Guaranty Company). After just four bids, the price is already up to $1,500 Canadian ($1,122 U.S.).

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Batman painting traded for stack of comics sells for $173,000


A painting of Batman traded five decades ago for a stack of comic books sold at auction Thursday for $173,000.

Titled A Sinister Figure Lurks in the Shadows, the oil painting was created in 1962 by renowned California pop artist Mel Ramos, then an unknown. It was given by Ramos that year to Bill Steinfelt in exchange for “a bunch of old books,” and remained in his collection until now.

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Tintin art sells for $1.7 million at Paris auction


A two-page spread from the 1939 Tintin book King Ottokar’s Sceptre sold at a Paris auction over the weekend for a whopping $1.7 million.

Drawn by Herge, the scene depicts Tintin and his faithful companion Snowy in a dramatic crash after their plane has shot down. BBC News notes that although the artwork had a guide price of about $879,000, it sold for nearly twice that amount in a bidding war at the Sotheby’s auction between four potential buyers.

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‘Missing’ Batman painting expected to fetch $100,000 at auction


A 1962 painting of Batman by pop artist Mel Ramos, long thought missing, is expected to sell at auction next month for as much as $100,000.

Called A Sinister Figure Lurks in the Shadows, the oil painting has all this time been in the collection of Bill Steinfelt, who received it in1962 after trading Ramos, then an unknown young painter, a pile of comic books. Or, as Steinfelt refers to them, “a bunch of old books.”

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NYCC: Marvel artists create superhero helmets for FDNY auction


As part of the 150th-anniversary celebration of the Fire Department, City of New York, the FDNY Foundation has teamed with Marvel to display and auction off specially designed helmets at New York Comic Con.

According to the New York Daily News, 10 helmets featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk and Black Widow and others were designed by such artists as Joe Quesada, Kaare Andrews, Walt Simonson and Damion Scott. The full lineup will be unveiled today during the “This Week in Marvel” podcast at Discovery Times Square.

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Ride into a galaxy far, far away with a sweet “Star Wars” Corvette

Star Wars 7

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan and have a bit of disposable income, this is most definitely the car you’re looking for.

Ebay user easternvette has listed a used 1974 Corvette with a custom airbrushed Star Wars theme–with the current bid at $8,100.

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Own A piece of punk cartooning history with William Stout’s ‘Rock N Roll High School’ poster art


Though his initial days as an illustrator of sci-fi and counter culture comic books and strips were mostly behind him as the 1980s approached, William Stout continued to leave a mark on American cartooning via his many movie posters. Proliferating during the heyday of VHS, the artist’s work on features like Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards and Monty Python’s Life of Brian are burned into the brains of a generation of junk culture aficionados.

Now fans of Stout or the first big wave of American punk rock can own an iconic piece of his art in the form of the original illustration for the 1979 cult classic Rock N Roll High School. Produced by Roger Corman, the teenage send-up gave the Ramones some of their widest exposure ever and launched a best-selling soundtrack album.

Heritage Auctions has the poster art live on eBay through this weekend. With a starting bid of $2,400, it’s likely that the winner will have to pay out more than the Ramones ever made off the door at CBGB’s. But it might be worth it if you care about history.

1966 Batmobile replica could fetch $175,000 at auction


A replica of the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman television series could bring as much as $175,000 this weekend at a car auction in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Purported to be only the sixth Batmobile replica produced, by Jay Orhrberg Hollywood Cars, it was used in a U.S. tour warning children of the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

A Batcycle replica is expected to sell for somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000.

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‘Tintin’ cover sells for near-record $2.8 million at auction

tintin-shooting star-colorThe original cover for the 1942 Tintin book The Shooting Star sold at auction for more than $2.8 million, just shy of the record price paid last year for a piece of Hergé’s art.

Comic book dealers Petits Papiers-Huberty-Breyne told Agence France-Presse the yellowing art was purchased by a European investor who “is neither Belgian nor French.” No other details about the buyer’s identity were disclosed.

The Shooting Star cover is one of just five that remains in the hands of private collectors. Most of  Hergé’s work is held by Moulinsart, the Brussels-based organization established in 1987 by the cartoonist’s widow Fanny Rodwell

The 10th volume of The Adventures of Tintin, The Shooting Star follows Tintin, his faithful dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock as they take part in a scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean to find a meteorite before it’s uncovered by a rival team.

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Breyfogle ‘Batman Beyond’ original cover up for bid to benefit artist


To raise money to help in the recovery of Norm Breyfogle, who suffered a stroke last month, writer Adam Beechen is auctioning a piece of original cover art for Batman Beyond, signed by the veteran illustrator. Beechen and Breyfogle worked together on the digital-first DC Comics series.

The cover, featuring Batman and the Metal Men, was used for digital chapters 24-26 and printed in the 2014 collection “Batgirl Begins.” Beechen purchased the piece from Breyfogle.

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Original ‘Tintin’ cover could fetch as much as $2.9 million

tintin-shooting star-colorHergé’s original cover art for the 1942 Tintin book The Shooting Star is expected to sell for as much as $2.9 million when it goes up for auction at the Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair, which kicks off Saturday in Belgium.

It’s a hefty sum that could rival the record price paid in May for an original double-page spread created by the Belgian artist for the inside covers of Tintin books published between 1937 and 1958. Another drawing of Tintin, created by Hergé in 1939 for the cover of the weekly magazine Le Petit Vingtième, sold last month for $670,000.

Agence France-Presse notes that the Shooting Star cover was one of just five that remains in the hands of private collectors. Most of  Hergé’s work is held by Moulinsart (aka the Hergé Foundation), the Brussels-based organization establshed in 1987 by the cartoonist’s widow Fanny Rodwell. The foundation oversees the Hergé estate as well as the Hergé Museum outside Brussels.

The 10th volume of The Adventures of Tintin, The Shooting Star follows Tintin, his faithful dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock as they take part in a scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean to find a meteorite before it’s uncovered by a rival team.

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