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Marvel unveils ‘Jessica Jones’ merchandise before Netflix debut


Marvel has announced merchandising plans for their mature TV properties, unveiling some pretty sweet “Jessica Jones” swag before the premiere of the series on Netflix tomorrow.

Some of the “Jessica Jones” apparel includes laptop sleeves, tank tops, and t-shirts, for both men and women. has launched an online store dedicated to the series, offering an assortment of merch for adult fans of the series and comics.

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In these stylish Chewbacca boots, you’ll never upset a Wookiee


While they may not be as cutting edge as some of the other Star Wars shoes from Irregular Choice — come on, lightsaber heels? — these Chewbacca boots will certainly make a statement. Most likely, “Rawrrrr!”

Made with brown faux fur (no actual Wookiees were harmed, honest!), the boots feature silver laces, chunky rubber soles, and a digital print of Chewbacca on each heel, ensuring you leave an impression whether you’re coming or going.

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In the name of the moon, there are Sailor Moon pajamas for men

sailor moon1

Even after nearly 24 years, Sailor Moon remains wildly popular, which means Japanese company Bibi Lab will likely make a killing with these pajamas for men inspired by the manga and anime. Hey, there are undoubtedly male fans who want to be pretty sailor-suited soldiers, too.

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Fight crime, stay cozy in Wonder Woman & Batman boot slippers


The life of a superhero is hardly a 9-to-5 affair, as you could be called out bed in the middle of the night to stop a rampaging Giganta, or have your breakfast interrupted by the Joker’s latest dastardly plot. (Does the Bat-Signal even work during the day?) So you might as well be comfortable as you stumble from the house to the invisible jet or Batmobile.

That’s where these Wonder Woman and Batman women’s boot slippers come in. They’re cozy, practical and at least moderately stylish for those trips from one disaster to the next, or for those long hours on Justice League monitor duty.

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Nike homages a classic ad with new Godzilla-themed Air Max CB ’94 shoes


When you run through a list of Godzilla’s greatest adversaries, a number of names will come to mind. Rodan, Mothra, Barkley — yes, Charles Barkley. The NBA icon actually went up against Godzilla in a game of basketball in a classic 1992 ad (fittingly titled “Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley”), and now Nike is paying tribute to that memorable spot with a new pair of Godzilla-inspired Air Max CB’94

To achieve maximum Godzilla-ness, the shoes feature both a gradient underlay and reflective lizard-skin overlays. The footwear also sports customized Godzilla insoles and an Air Max air bubble unit.

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Official ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ T-shirts arrive


With just a little more than four months until the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Merchoid has unveiled the first officially licensed T-shirts for the Warner Bros. film.

There are four designs (for now, at least): the Batman v Superman logo; a riff on a vintage boxing poster, with “The Gotham Guardian” pitted against “The Last Son of Krypton”; and two propaganda poster-inspired designs, one depicting a skeletal Batman, labeled “Gotham Demon,” and the other showing a crossed-out image of Superman with horns and the words “False God!”

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Roll like Darth Vader with these 14k gold ‘Star Wars’ cuff links


Sure, Darth Vader was unbearably annoying as a child and young adult, and a murderous tyrant throughout much of his later years, but he was a sharper dresser. He knew basic black is timeless, and a cape makes a statement.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Sith Lord sporting these 14-karat gold Darth Vader cuff links from Nieman Marcus. He certainly had the ego for them, if not necessarily the cuffs. However, it’s tough to imagine Yoda strolling around, twirling his cane, while sporting gold cuff links made in his own likeness. He lives in a swamp, for goodness sake; he’s not that ostentatious.

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Warm up for the holidays with DC Comics & ‘Star Wars’ ugly sweaters


Ugly Christmas-sweater party season is just around the corner. People still throw those, right? If they do, Merchoid has you — and every other geeky guest — covered, in a blend of cotton and polyester.

The online retailer, which specializes in licensed pop-culture merchandise, has rolled out its nerdiest seasonal wear with ugly (but not heinous) sweaters based on characters from DC Comics, Star Wars, Adventure Time and more.

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New Era’s ‘Star Wars’ cap line is a Force to be reckoned with


Although helmets and masks play a central role in the Star War saga — Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, Rebel pilots — hats never really received their due. Sure, there are Imperial officers, Rebel ground forces, and that unfortunate bucket hat Luke Skywalker tried to pull off on Tattooine. Otherwise, though, hats are second-class headgear is a galaxy far, far away; they’re the droids of head covering, basically.

And that’s a shame, because the films could’ve done for the beanie what they did for the hooded cloak. But while Star Wars never embraced hats, one headwear company has certainly embraced Star Wars.

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With this Mega Man hoodie, you’ll be back in the game


While stylish and desirable, Capcom‘s Mega Man replica helmet isn’t exactly practical for everyday wear. So you’ll probably want to save that for weekends and special occasions. For the rest of the time, this official Mega Man hoodie may be the way to go.

You’ll be ready for any challenge in this full-zip hoodie, which features the helmet design on the outside of the hood, and 8-bit icons on the inside. The Mega Blaster is even printed on the left sleeve, allowing you to fight your way out of the stickiest situation at work or school.

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Clash of the tartans: Kiltmaker debuts superhero-inspired line


A century-old Scottish kiltmaker has unveiled a line of tartans inspired by Marvel and DC Comics superheroes.

It’s part of an effort by Paisley, Renfrewshire-based Houston Kiltmakers to spur interest in the traditional garments among a younger audience.

“I just did this to try and get to a younger generation and try to involve them with the tradition,” Stuart Davison, the company’s head of marketing, tells The Scotsman. “It’s a bit of an older generation thing at the moment.”

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Cuddly BB-8 wants to be your ‘Star Wars’ backpack buddy


BB-8, the adorable new droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has already found a place in our hearts, on our Christmas lists and on the sides of airplanes. Now he’s aiming for a spot on our backs.

The rolling little astromech is now a backpack — or “Backpack Buddy,” if you prefer — capable of holding your books, your blaster, your lightsaber. Whatever circumstances require, as long as the objects aren’t too big. BB-8 is a little fella, after all.

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These ‘Star Wars’ shoes will have you doing the Imperial March

irregular choice2

It seems only fitting that the C-3PO-inspired shoes are the only truly practical ones in Irregular Choice‘s new Star Wars collection.

That said, those flats won’t make nearly the impact that, say, these impressive limited-edition Skywalker and R2-D2 heels will. The former uses a lightsaber (complete with lights and sound effects) to form the heel, while the latter, naturally, utilizes everyone’s favorite astromech droid.

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These 1989 Batmobile slippers are perfect for a lounging hero


After a long night of crime-fighting, there’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing while your butler brings breakfast, the morning newspaper and … your enormous Batmobile house slippers.

Based on the vehicle from Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman (obviously!), these officially licensed slippers are designed for comfort, if not necessarily speed. It’s difficult to imagine springing into action with those on your feet …

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NYCC: Because Ghostbusters shoes make you feel good


If you already own the signature khaki coveralls and indispensable proton pack, you may want to complete the ensemble with a pair of hand-made, limited-edition Ghostbusters sneakers.

Unveiled this week at New York Comic Con by Australian company Nookiee, the officially licensed shoes come in a handful of styles for men and women: there are those inspired by the Ghostbuster suit, complete with “elbow pads” on the heels and “Stantz,” “Spengler,” “Venkman” or “Zeddemore” stitched on the side; the “no ghost” variety, in black or white; and “Gozer.”

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