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Armored Bat-Baby will rid the nursery of evil-doers


Armored Bat-Baby’s parents taught him a lesson, that the world only makes sense if you force it to. In retrospect, however, they may have been talking about the Shape O Ball.

Who are Armored Bat-Baby’s parents? It’s difficult to know for sure; rumor has it their last name is Wayne. Whoever they are, they should be honored, and not with graveside oath, or a bouquet left once a year in Crime Alley. Y’know, celebrated, because they’re clearly awesome.

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Amazing Tank Girl cosplay is a comic drawing come to life


Emma Rubini takes us back to the 1980s with this impressive Tank Girl cosplay, inspired by Jamie Hewlett’s original black-and-white comics. “They told me I could be anything,” she wrote on Facebook. “So I became a comic book.”

There’s little arguing with that, as Rubini not only mimics the white page but also the black ink lines, best showcased on the shorts, tank top and hair.

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Take this: ‘Legend of Zelda’ cosplay sword and shield


Before you set out in your official Legend of Zelda cosplay hoodie to rescue that Princess (or Prince), you may want to make sure you have the right weapons and accessories for the quest. Because, y’know, it’s dangerous to go alone.

Merchoid has added replicas of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield to a growing Legend of Zelda Cosplay Collection that already includes Link’s armor bracer.

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Say “Good Night, Puddin'” with Harley Quinn’s plush bat and mallet

daddys little monster

First there was the licensed “Daddy’s Lil Monster” shirt, and soon cosplayers will be able to get their hands on a bat and comically oversized mallet, just like the ones Harley Quinn wields in the Suicide Squad movie.

Well, not just like. They’re part of Factory Entertainment’s SWAT (“Soft Weapons and Tactics”) line, which also includes plush replicas of Batman’s Batarang and Wonder Woman’s sword and shield from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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‘Star Trek’ redshirt brilliantly has cosplayers ‘kill’ him, repeatedly


Attending a comic convention dressed as a Redshirt from Star Trek is, y’know, fine but not exactly inspired. But attending a convention dressed as a Redshirt, and then posing with other cosplayers as they “kill” you over and over again? Genius!

That’s what Timothey Adam did last weekend at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, recruiting cosplayers dressed as characters ranging from Batman and Harley Quinn to Chewbacca and the War Boys to put that Star Trek trope to the test.

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Cosplaying ‘Star Wars’ family reawakens the Force

There are a lot of terrific Star Wars cosplayers, but few have fully embraced their characters as Victor and Julianne.

Calling themselves “The Real Finn and Rey,” the Utah couple makes the perfect, well, Finn and Rey from The Force Awakens, going so far as to bring Baby-8 — the only thing more adorable than the actual BB-8.

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Watch Goku hit the streets of Santa Barbara on his Flying Nimbus


We’ve seen Dragon Ball fans take to the convention floor and even the streets of Taipei on their own versions of the Flying Nimbus, and now one Goku-clad skateboarder recently turned heads in Santa Barbara, California, atop a rolling yellow cloud.

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See ‘Mythbusters’ Adam Savage go incognito as Hellboy


To commemorate the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, Mythbusters alum Adam Savage decided he’d go incognito as Hellboy, in a nod to his first appearance at Comic-Con International. But while he dressed as the movie Hellboy in 2008, this time he paid tribute to Mike Mignola’s original version.

Of course, Savage has a few advantages over the average cosplayer: In addition to his background as a model maker, he owns several pieces from Guillermo del Toro’s films, including the Samaritan, a duster jacket and one of Hellboy’s tail.

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‘Star Wars,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast’ collide in this cosplay mashup


Elizabeth Rage, whom we previously spotlighted for her Disney/Star Wars mashup Jedi cosplay, struck back over the weekend at WonderCon with a new spin on Beauty and the Beast.

This time, however, Elizabeth’s Belle is no longer a Jedi but rather a gold-clad Mandalorian bounty hunter sent to track down a certain Wookiee — a certain really tall Wookiee. “The bounty said to KILL THE BEAST,” she writes, “but I had other plans …”

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Batman merges with ‘Star Wars’ for one amazing helmet

scout trooper1

The Dark Knight and the Galactic Empire come together in this one incredible helmet, created for a good cause.

Sanctioned by Lucasfilm, the Biker Scout Helmet Project invites prop makers, effects artists and cosplayers from across the globe to design custom Star Wars Scout Trooper helmets, to be auctioned for charity. What you see here is Julian Checkley‘s Batman-themed “Wayne Industries (Applied Sciences Division) Advanced Pursuit Helmet,” which organizers say “blew us away.”

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Make your own Batman utility belt, without breaking the Bat-bank

utility belt1

Batman has a keen mind, impressive skills and a sweet ride, but he’s nothing without his utility belt. OK, maybe not nothing, but his costume would look pretty weird without it.

In the latest episode of DIY Prop Shop, host Odin Abbott sets out to make a replica of the Dark Knight’s utility belt — but not just any one. No, this is the belt from the 1989 Tim Burton film. “I like that belt because it has more of a comic-book feel to it,” Abbott explains.

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This Gundam cosplay is incredible (if maybe not to scale)


Japanese cosplayer Punival, whom we’ve showcased previously for his impressive RX-78 Mobile Suit costume, takes things to the next level in this teamup with Malaysian enthusiast Mikuen.

In a photo series by Yapcweng, Punival’s Gundam stands at attention alongside Mikuen as both Sayla Mass and Feldt Grace.

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In this ‘Legend of Zelda’ hoodie, you’re ready for a quest to Hyrule


The climate in Hyrule changes drastically from region to region, which means if you plan to rescue the Princess, you better come dressed for the occasion. Say, in an official Legend of Zelda hoodie.

While we’ve seen a handful of sweatshirts based on Link’s tunic, few are as nice-looking as this Zelda: Hero of Hyrule cosplay hoodie from Merchoid.

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‘Attack on Titan’ child cosplayers are adorable (also, frightening)


The only thing more frightening than the 46-foot Female Titan from Attack on Titan is, well, the 200-foot Colossal Titan. But beyond that? It’s undoubtedly tiny twin Female Titans, because they’ll disarm you with their cuteness and then, in all likelihood, devour you.

Twin sisters Chihiro and Chieko are little cosplay powerhouses who dressed as Female Titans on Saturday at Long Beach Comic Expo, where they posed for plenty of photos and even (adorably) battled members of the Survey Corps. They followed that Sunday by dressing as Sisters of Plenitude from Doctor Who.

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‘Man of Steel’ meets Middle-earth in this medieval Kryptonian armor


Samuel Lee of Prince Armory, who dazzled us with medieval-style costumes for The Joker, Loki, Darth Vader and Iron Man, impresses once again with Kryptonian armor inspired by Man of Steel.

Based on the costume worn by Jor-El (Russell Crowe) in the 2013 film, the leather armor — yes, that’s leather — features the mind-blowing detail we’ve come to expect from Lee. Note the intricate work on the “S” emblem (“On my world it means ‘Hope'”), the layered shoulder pieces (I guess they’re called spaulders?), and a helmet that looks somehow both delicate and formidable.

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