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‘Doctor Who’ meets ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in incredible fan-made trailer


There has been an awakening, Doctor. Have you felt it?

One skilled YouTuber has mashed “Doctor Who” footage up to the music and style of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer. Starring Christopher Eccelston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, the “Star Wars”-flavored fan trailer captures the magic and adventure of “Doctor Who’s” return to the small screen, complete with high-flying space adventures, personal tragedy and an army of Daleks hidden in Dark Space.

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President Obama cuts off press briefing “to get to ‘Star Wars’”


Like most Star Wars fans, President Obama was eager to see The Force Awakens, and like many of the franchise faithful, he slipped out of work just a little early to do so.

Holding his annual end-of-the-year press briefing today, Obama addressed a wide range of serious issues before telling the White House Press Corps, “OK, everybody, I have to get to ‘Star Wars,’” and making his way to the door.

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‘Star Wars’ fans tie the knot at ‘The Force Awakens’ LA opening


R2-D2 served as ring-bearer at a Star Wars-themed wedding held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood before the premiere last night of The Force Awakens.

Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters flew from Australia to Los Angeles earlier this month to camp with other fans outside the historic theater ahead of opening night, a decades-long tradition for the franchise faithful. The couple had made the pilgrimage twice before.

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Ninja Turtles leap back into action in this ‘mature’ fan short


If the teaser trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows didn’t quite satisfy your craving for a mature take on the franchise, then maybe this fan short will do the trick.

Created by Miguel Díaz-Rivera and VXIII Productions, Ninja Turtles: Veterans of the Night pays homage to the early days of the heroes in a half-shell, both in terms of tone and look, with a decidedly more reptilian (and more grizzled) Leonard, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael than you’re likely to ever see on screen.

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Harley Quinn hammers away at zombies in this violent fan film


DC Comics’ fan-favorite antiheroine Harley Quinn is a motorcycle-riding, hammer-swinging, gun-toting zombie killer in this (perhaps unsurprisingly) violent fan film.

Directed by Matthew Talamantes (who also has an on-camera role), “Harley Quinn vs. Zombies” stars Aly Fritz as a delightfully demented Harleen Quinzel who appears just as happy dispatching the walking dead as she is tormenting a group of survivors.

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Rick Springfield shows off rare ‘Star Wars’ toy collection


Music legend Rick Springfield is a closet Star Wars toy collector. He unveiled his rare and very expensive toy collection in a video walk through with Rolling Stone, which can be seen in the video below.

Springfield has been collecting since he was a young man and has kept all of his toys in mint condition. Some of Springfield’s toys are one of only seven or eight made, including the “Rarest of the Turkish bootlegs”. One of his Boba Fett toys is the only one in the world!

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Looking for your Mickey or Minnie? There’s a dating site for Disney fans

lady and the tramp

If you’ve had trouble finding that special someone who understands your obsession with Goofy or who will sit through marathon viewings of The Great Mouse Detective, your luck could be about to change.

That’s because, the first dating site for specifically for Disney fans, launched this week. “Traditional internet dating sites don’t understand the passion people have for all things Disney,” the website states. “But we do.”

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This Princess Chewbacca cake is a little Chewie, but otherwise perfect


Coming up with a Princess Chewbacca birthday cake if more difficult than you might imagine. Or maybe it’s every bit as difficult as you imagine. In any case, it isn’t easy.

Reddit user jamieinthenorthwest discovered just that when her daughter asked for a Star Wars-themed birthday party. Jamie bought a large Chewbacca doll in hopes that it could be transformed into a Barbie cake, only to be turned down by several bakeries because because it wasn’t a kit.

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That’s no moon, that’s a 23-foot Death Star on a house!


Fortifying his home against the awakening of the Force, a California contractor and his kids constructed a 23-foot Death Star and mounted it on their roof.

Or maybe it was merely a Halloween decoration. Whatever its true purpose, a two-story light-up replica of the planet-destroying space station from Star Wars is pretty amazing.

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Everybody wants to be Harley Quinn for Halloween, apparently

harley quinn19

You don’t think you’re going to be the only Harley Quinn at the Halloween party, do you? Chances are, there will be more Harleys than you can shake a comically oversized hammer at.

In fact, according to Google’s Frightgeist, the DC Comics antiheroine is the top-trending Halloween costume in the country this year, followed by Star Wars, the generic “superhero,” pirate and Batman.

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This ‘Arkham Knight’ Batmobile go-kart is the envy of Gotham


In the films, Bruce Wayne has Lucius Fox to provide him with those wonderful toys, and in real life, a Batman fan named Francis has the builders of AWE me.

PlayStation teamed with the YouTube channel for a contest to reward one lucky gamer with a one-of-a-kind go-kart inspired by the Caped Crusader’s ride in Batman: Arkham Knight. And Francis, a systems engineer from San Diego won.

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Watch: Ronda Rousey reveals her Pokemon workout


UFC champion and Captain Marvel hopeful Ronda Rousey has finally revealed the secret to her success in the ring: the Pokémon workout.

While training to defend her title against Holly Holm, Rousey donned a Pikachu costume to show ESPN’s Sports Center just how it’s done (and raise a few eyebrows at the gym). A word of warning to Holm: Watch out for Rousey’s Volt Tackle.

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Football team adopts Superman’s emblem, ‘Man of Steel’s’ message


Although frequently criticized for its bleak tone, director Zack Snyder’s 2013 film Man of Steel film serves as inspiration for one New Mexico high school football team, which has embraced the words of Jor-El.

When it was time for the Española Valley High School Sundevils to get new uniforms, they took a cue from Superman’s Kryptonian father, who explained “The symbol of the House of El means hope,” and adopted that crest as their own. It’s of course recognized the world over as the stylized “S” emblem of Superman, only in this case that letter stands for “Sundevils.” But also “hope.”

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Let the Wookiee win: ‘Star Wars’ fan creates playable Dejarik set


Although featured only briefly in 1977’s Star Wars, in the scene aboard the Millennium Falcon where C-3PO advises R2-D2 to “Let the Wookiee win,” Dejarik has remained close to the hearts of franchise fans. Director J.J. Abrams even used an image of the game board last year to tease the appearance of Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And now, nearly four decades after its original appearance, someone has brought the holographic chess game to playable life.

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Japanese officials seize fan’s anime figures over back taxes


Consider this a cautionary tale for collectors: It’s called, “The Guy Who Lost His Precious Anime Figures Because He Didn’t Pay His Taxes.”

Rocket News24 reports that when officials from Sanyo-Onoda City in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture were dispatched to collect back taxes from a resident, they didn’t discover any cash or jewelry they could seize. They did, however, find the man’s collection of anime figures.

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