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Comics writer aims to document one month in Clown Motel


Young Bart Simpsons may have trouble sleeping because he’s a afraid clowns will eat him but comic book writer Christopher Sebela has no such issues, and he’s aiming to not only prove it but go one step further and document his one-month stay in the infamous Clown Motel in Tonopah, Neveda, dubbed the “Scariest Motel in America.”

Sebela began a Kickstarter to help fund the experience, which he planned to document through photos and video and other services but mainly as a published e-book. However, Sebela quickly met the $4,500 goal, leading to some interesting stretch goals — including purchasing a clown suit he will wear in the room and maybe sleep in a few times, writing a short comic book about his stay and being joined by Terry Tyson who will conduct a seance at the motel. He surpassed all those goals already and his final $10,000 stretch goal is a documentary about the motel and Tonopah.

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Matt Bors takes The Nib with him, launches Kickstarter

Eat More Comics

In less than two years, starting in September 2013, Matt Bors built up The Nib into one of the best comics sites on the internet, with a stellar roster of creators and a curated selection of short comics that offered profound insights into current issues. This was achieved with a combination of talent and money: Host site Medium paid Bors to edit the site and gave him a budget to pay contributors. This made it a significant player in the field of online and indy comics.

And then it all ended a few weeks ago with a vague post from Bors saying that The Nib would be changing, although it was not clear to what.

Well, now it has become clear: Bors has taken The Nib with him, and his first initiative is a Kickstarter campaign to produce a print volume, Eat More Comics! The Best of The Nib, with a lineup of creators that includes Josh Neufeld, Kate Leth, Sarah Glidden, and Erika Moen. The Kickstarter has a goal of $45,000, which covers not only production costs but also compensating the creators for the republication of their comics. The plan is to have the books out by Small Press Expo in September.

And then? Bors says in his post on Medium that he has reassembled his editorial team and has plans to do more online and print comics in the future.

Award-winning author Margaret Atwood to draw some comics — for real


Margaret Atwood wrote some of the best literary works of the modern era, both in terms of feminist novels and essays and in terms of all-around fascinating and engaging tales from multiple genres. So, news of Atwood contributing to an all-female anthology aimed at “geek girls” and consisting of non-fiction tales and comic strips about dating, love and sex comes as a really pleasant exciting surprise. But what’s even more surprising and exciting is the fact that Atwood won’t be contributing a prose piece: she’ll be drawing a comic strip.

For reals.

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Dezago and Rousseau kickstart ‘Perhapanauts’ graphic novel


Few Kickstarter pitch videos are genuinely funny, but the one created by longtime collaborators Craig Rousseau and Todd Dezago for their new Perhapanauts campaign is one of them. Maybe that’s why they’re nearly halfway to their $15,000 goal just a day after the launch. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a Chupacabra puppet and an artist in a bear suit …

After a decade of releasing Perhapanauts first through Dark Horse and then Image Comics, Dezago and Rousseau are returning to self-publishing for the 64-page graphic novel The Perhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth, which continues the adventures of the operatives of Bedlam — taking them inside the Earth itself.

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Anarchists go on a crime spree in ‘The Illegalists’


The era before World War II was known as the Belle Epoque, the Beautiful Age, in France, but that was for the rich. For the poor and the working class, it was a time of harsh conditions and few opportunities, and numerous anarchist groups sprung up amid the disenfranchised. Among them was the Bonnot Gang, ideological criminals whose anarchist principles led them to go on a crime spree in France in 1911-12, robbing banks and stealing from the rich (they were the first bank robbers ever to use a getaway car). The Illegalists is their story.

Or rather, it will be their story if the graphic novel is completed. Right now, writer Stefan Vogel is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to finish it. The artist is Attila Futaki, whose credits include the Image Comics series Severed (written by Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft) and the second Percy Jackson graphic novel.

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Level up with comic anthology celebrating women in gaming


Chainmail Bikini is a Kickstarter-funded comics anthology by and about female gamers — whether they play video games, board games or card games.

“The comics in Chainmail Bikini explore the real-life impact of entering a fantasy world, how games can connect us with each other and teach us about ourselves,” organizer Hzel Newlevant explains on the Kickstarter page. “Alliances are forged, dice get rolled, and dragons get slain! We believe that gaming should be open to all, regardless of gender. Chainmail Bikini shows that while women are not always the target market for gaming, they are a vital and thoroughly engaged part of it, and are eager to express their personal take as players, makers, and critics of games.”

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“Comic Book People 2″ Kickstarter heads into final stretch

comic book people2With a week left in the Kickstarter campaign, industry veteran Jackie Estrada is still a little more than $6,000 short of the funding goal for her hardcover Comic Book People 2: Photographs From the 1990s.

As the title indicates, the planned 176-page book is a follow-up to last year’s Comic Book People: Photographs From the 1970s and 1980s, and collects snapshots taken mostly at Comic-Con International, but also at other conventions and trade shows of the era.

Estrada, administrator of the Eisner Awards and co-publisher of Exhibit A Press, promises photos of Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Paul Norris, Nick Cardy, Neil Gaiman, George Perez, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Garth Ennis, Jeff Smith, Carla Speed McNeil, Paul Pope, Colleen Doran and more — about 600 shots in all.

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Ben Templesmith to adapt H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Dagon’


Although he’s long since departed this mortal plane, author H.P. Lovecraft left an indelible mark on people — Ben Templesmith among them.

A noted horror writer and artist in his own right, Templesmith is tackling a graphic novel adaptation of one of Lovecraft’s earliest published works. Just four days after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project, he’s already raised more than five times his $14,800 goal. In the wake of such overwhelming success, Templesmith has expanded the graphic novel’s size from 48 to 72 pages, and added in a Lovecraft portrait print with any book order.

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‘Daily Show’ writer brings political satire/alien-invasion story to Kickstarter

What if aliens attacked, but were too small to see?

That’s the story of the upcoming comic series Shrinkage, but as you can tell from the title, it has an extra helping of humor. Akin to Tim Burton’s adaptation of Mars AttacksShrinkage mixes political humor with anxiety over alien invasion — and it comes from one of the writers of The Daily Show and Conan.

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‘Nocturnals’ Kickstarter surpasses $30,000 goal in just days

nocturnals-sinister path

Two decades after the debut of Nocturnals, the fan base for Dan Brereton’s pulpish horror-adventure shows little sign of dwindling.

Case in point: Within days of launching a Kickstarter campaign for Nocturnals: The Sinister Path, Brereton & Co. have surpassed their $30,000 goal by nearly $10,000.

The 64-page graphic novel, described as “the scariest, hard-boiled tale yet told in their saga,” will be released in three editions: a softcover that will also be sold in stores; a limited sketch cover; and a wraparound hardcover with additional content.

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Cody Walker heads to ‘Everland’ with fantasy anthology

Art by Chris Yarbrough

Art by Chris Yarbrough

After successfully funding the first two issues of Noir City through Kickstarter, writer Cody Walker is back with a decidedly different project: Everland, a collection of four connected tales set in a dark fantasy world that will likely be familiar.

Walker has collaborated with a different artist on each of the stories: Chris Yarbrough on “Surviving Everland,” in which a fairy kidnaps a boy, who must survive in a jungle; Nate Peters on “The Boy-God Horror,” in which a terrified pirate fights the Boy-God; Ryan Wheaton on “Mermaid Love,” in which a shipwrecked pirate finds unlikely love; and Nathan Judah on “Monster Slayer,” in which an Iroquois girl seeks revenge against a giant crab for the death of her father.

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Geek OUT’s Flame Con campaign exceeds Kickstarter goal

flame con

With eight days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, Geeks OUT has surpassed its initial $15,000 goal to help fund Flame Con, “a super-queer comic con” to be held next year in New York City.

“We are over the moon with excitement!” the group said in a statement. ” THANK YOU to all who have helped us take this huge step toward realizing such an ambitious goal.”

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Geeks OUT launches Kickstarter for LGBT comic con

flame con

After hosting plenty of smaller-scale events for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning fans, Geeks OUT is setting its sights on something bigger: Flame Con, “a super-queer comic con” to be held next year in New York City.

To make that a reality, the group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 to help pay for a venue, promotion, guests and incidentals (organizers also hope to secure corporate sponsorship).

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‘Cannon Busters’ returns with Kickstarter for animated pilot


LeSean Thomas’ fabled fantasy Cannon Busters series may finally be returning, only this time in animated form.

The TV animation producer/director/artist has launched a $120,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund an eight- to 10-minute animated pilot for Cannon Busters: The Animated Series, featuring contributions from the likes of Joe Madureira, Thomas Romain and Tim Yoon.

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DJs take center stage in dystopian ‘Future Prophecy’

future propehcy

Superheroes come from all walks of life: journalists, scientists, school teachers, lawyers, even fast-food workers. But what about a DJ? In The Future Prophecy, two DJ sisters take on a dystopian version of Toronto under the control of a mutant army. But they aren’t just any DJ sisters, they’re creators — and real-life DJs — Sara Simms and Melle Oh.

So far, Simms and Oh have self-published two issues of The Future Prophecy, but to produce four more they’ve turned to Kickstarter.

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