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‘Star Wars’ artist’s RPG comes to life as graphic novel


Last year popular convention artist Grant Gould set out on his own to create a fantasy tabletop role-playing game called Blade Raiders, combining his love for tabletop gaming, comics art and new concepts. Raising more than $8,000 on Kickstarter, Gould made that dream a reality — and now he’s taking the next step and bringing the Blade Raiders stories to life as a graphic novel.

Launched earlier this month on Kickstarter, the Blade Raiders: Grimalkin campaign is a creator-owned graphic novel set in the world of his RPG that mixes swords, sorcery, high adventure, creatures and quests. Gould is known with his frequent convention appearances and for his work on an official Star Wars webcomic, but with Blade Raiders: Grimalkin the cartoonist is branching out on his own.

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Brian Augustyn goes hard-boiled with ghost story ‘Dead Ringer’


Sometimes, you just want to leave your work at work. But in an upcoming graphic novel, Army investigator Kate Bailey is dragged back into the line of duty when a dream about her own murder begins to come true. Mixing ghost stories and police procedurals, veteran writer Brian Augustyn and artist John Derrick West are looking to step out on their with a new self-published, creator-owned graphic novel Dead Ringer.

Dead Ringer is a hard-boiled mystery/ghost story,” Augustyn writes on the Kickstarter page. “…. Kate Bailey [is an] an Army veteran and former JAG investigator, recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. She comes home to Chicago, where she struggles to fit back into civilian society. Plagued by nightmares of her time in Afghanistan, Kate sleeps fitfully as a rule. She is completely blown out of her bed one night, however, by a terrifying dream—of her own brutal murder at the hands of a monstrous psychopath.”

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Canadian heroine Nelvana of the Northern Lights returns


In 1941, Welsh immigrant Adrian Dingle created one of the first superheroines and one of Canada’s shining lights: Nelvana of the Northern Lights. Debuting before Wonder Woman, Nelvana was the daughter of the mythical Koliak the Might, King of the Northern Lights, and a Inuit woman — and although banished by her father’s people, she fought on the mortal plane against Nazis, natural disasters and other threats. Nelvana of the Northern Lights ran as a series from 1941 to 1947, and then was cursed to the back-issue bins to never be seen again … until now.

Two Toronto-based comic fans have paired up to bring Nelvana of the the Northern Lights back to life, acquiring the rights to reprint the original 1940s stories of Canada’s first superheroine along with some pin-ups from modern comics all-stars such as Francis Manapul, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes and Kalman Andrasofszky. This project is organized by Hope Nicholson, producer of the upcoming Canadian superhero documentary Lost Heroes, along with Rachel Richey, former archivist for Canada’s National Archive and current assistant manager for Toronto’s The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery.

Their goal is to create a 300-page softcover collection of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, to arrive in January. To help make this book a reality, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 (Canadian) to cover production, printing and distribution.

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Pluto’s not a planet? Plutonians strike back in ‘Forgotten Planet’!


In 2006, Earth scientists revoked Pluto’s status as a planet — it’s now a “dwarf planet,” neither a planet nor a satellite — and in the process sealed all of our fates.

In the upcoming graphic novel Forgotten Planet, the Plutonians are coming to Earth with payback on their mind, and the only one standing between us and them is a salty former mercenary named Cale Beckett who’s trying to live out his last days in the Tanzanian outback. But as the Plutonians arrive, he must re-live his secret past a hired law officer on Pluto in the 1970s. His comrades from those days are being killed one by one, and so Beckett must return to the place he hoped to forget.

Forgotten Planet comes to you from Eagle-nominated writer Peter Rogers and artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Jonah Hex, Iron Man). The duo is using Kickstarter to help make this graphic novel a reality, hoping to raise £11,500 (roughly $15,500 American dollars). If successful, a majority of the money would go to the artist as a page rate, while the rest would go toward the book’s production; the creators have partnered with the indie publisher Scar Comics for printing and distribution.

Here’s a look at thew two covers for the graphic novel, as well as a sample of the interior work:

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Rick Geary alphabetizes Obama conspiracies on Kickstarter


President Barack Obama is no stranger to comics, whether we’re talking about biographies, guest appearances in Archie or Amazing Spider-Man, fighting evil barbarian-style or even erotic manga.

Since Obama was first elected, it seems like the only thing the president has racked up more of than comic book appearances are conspiracy theories related to his life and beliefs — from the birther movement to that trip to Mars he took as a teenager. If you’re interested in either, or both, or just think Rick Geary is awesome (he is!), here’s the Kickstarter for you: Geary is putting together a 56-page hardcover collection of “far-fetched conspiracy theories that are floating around regarding President Barack Obama.”

Geary has a long list of credits over his 35-plus year career, with one of the many highlights being his Treasury of Murder series. In this book, he’ll be doing full-page illustrations of each conspiracy; for $25 you can get a copy of the book, while $300 gets you the original art from one of the pages. Check out a couple of them below.

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‘Cartozia Tales’ calls out to Kickstarter to fund anthology series


Welcome to a new world in comics — the world of Cartozia. Created by a who’s who of indie cartoonists and up-and-comers, this world is being created, defined and explored in an epic 10-issue anthology series titled Cartozia Tales. Editor/cartoonist Isaac Cates has brought together an assortment of creators to act as the base of the series — among them, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ming Doyle, Meredith Gran, James Kochalka, Dylan Horrocks, Jason Lutes, Maris Wicks, Kevin Cannon and Jon Lewis — to help map out this world in short comic stories. And now with the first issue available for order online, the Cartozia Tales crew is turning to Kickstarter to continue the journey.

“Cartozia Tales is created collaboratively by a group of indie cartoonists working together to discover and invent the world of Cartozia and its secrets,” Cates writes on the project’s Kickstarter page. “We share the creation of the world of Cartozia by a process of chance, setting our stories in different parts of the map randomly with each issue. As the months progress, we trade characters and locations, picking up and expanding the stories started by our fellow contributors.”

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Let Craig Thompson pimp your longboard


Grow Anthology sounds like it might be an indie-comics collective, but it’s actually a small company that makes skateboards out of recycled paper, layered and coated with resin to make it waterproof. That means its skateboards are eco-friendly and are even certified as such by the Rainforest Alliance. And Grow Anthology’s latest model, which is being funded through Kickstarter, features a Craig Thompson drawing, a cartoon of the characters Chunky Rice and Dandel from Goodbye Chunky Rice. (As Thompson explains on his blog, the guys who make the skateboards are friends of his brother — it always helps to have an in!)

Even if you don’t skate, it’s worth visiting the Kickstarter page to see Thompson’s preliminary designs for the board, as well as the finished product. The skateboards are being produced as a limited edition of 250, at a price of $300 for the complete board or $200 for the deck alone. If you’re not a skateboarder, don’t despair: There’s also a T-shirt featuring Thompson’s design that’s available for a $30 pledge, and his original art is available for a $5,000 pledge.

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Yeti Press releases new subscription service via Kickstarter

Panel from "Bird Witch Collection" by Kat Leyh

Panel from “Bird Witch Collection” by Kat Leyh

The small press publisher Yeti Press has launched a Kickstarter project asking contributors to help sustain the company’s growth over the next year. The company plans to release six comics and graphic novels over the next several months and is looking for early subscribers :

We have grown steadily over the last 2 years, but to take the next step towards where we want to be, we are asking for your help. A stellar lineup of books has been assembled, including brand new talent and Yeti Press favorites, that we’d like to release over the next year. Three of those books would be completed and shipped in the fall/winter months and another 3 would come to you in the spring/summertime. This Kickstarter effort will be a one time only deal, offering single issues, assorted goodies, and most importantly - a subscription service. 

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The War on Terror comes to Las Vegas in ‘Drones’


The United States may be fighting the “War on Terror” in locations around the globe, many of our nation’s drone pilots operate from the relative comfort of two Air Forces bases near the entertainment hotspot of Las Vegas, Nevada. But in Drones, the front line shifts to the Strip as two Predator operators see their killing machines come back to haunt them amid the glitz and glamor of Sin City.

“In addition to our two drone operators,” writer Chris Lewis says,”  we have a pancake-loving terrorist turned playwright, a loveable expert in improvised explosive devices, five well dressed assassins, a goat who just might know a thing or two about kung fu, an acrobatic Special Forces troupe called the Cirque du SEALs, surveillance up the wazoo, and a new kind of poppy that’s going to blow some minds.”

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Ryan Sohmer on Kickstarting ‘The Gutters’

Gutters RisesThe Gutters is a thrice-weekly webcomic about the comics industry, with insider humor about the characters, both fictional and real life, that make up the world of the comics fan.

It’s also a great showcase for established and emerging artists: Ryan Sohmer writes the comic but he brings in different artists to illustrate each page, so the style of the comic varies quite a bit from day to day, depending on who is being skewered.

After three years, however, The Gutters isn’t turning a profit, so Sohmer, who is also the writer of the webcomics Least I Could Do and Looking for Group, has turned to Kickstarter to basically pre-fund the next year. As he explains on the Kickstarter page, he pays the artist an average of $300 per comic, which comes to $15,000 per year for a comic that updates once a week. The campaign reached its initial goal this week, and Sohmer will add another weekly update for each additional $15,000 raised. I asked him why he was taking this route, and why he is doing things the way he does.

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‘Gold Digger’s’ Fred Perry turns to Kickstarter for ‘LVL UP!’


Fan comics might have a stigma in the United States, but in Japan they reach an audience that exceeds the entire American comics market. And now longtime American manga artist Fred Perry is looking to create his own.

Based on the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 11, Fred Perry’s LVL UP! is a webcomic that follows the adventures of the cartoonist’s character Calcula Mihgo as she explores the video game world of Vana’diel. Perry has been producing LVL UP! since 2005, and is turning to Kickstarter this month to finance a print collection of the long-running series. As of this posting, Perry has raised roughly $6,500 of his $13,000 goal, and has until Oct. 2 to generate the rest.

Although Perry might be new to Kickstarter, he;s comics veteran who works in a subset of the industry many people overlook. Perry got his start in 1989 with a pin-up for the series Ninja High School and later worked on several manga imports before making a name for himself in 1993 with the launch of Gold Digger. Although Perry has done some moonlighting into the “mainstream” American comics world, Perry’s remained entrenched with Gold Digger and various other side projects, mostly through Antarctic Press.

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‘Skullkickers’ Edwin Huang steps out with art book


Since its launch in 2012, the Image series Skullkickers has filled the hole that was missing sword-and-sorcery, beer-drinkin’, raucous fight comic. We didn’t know we needed it until we got it, but now I’m glad it’s here. And now series artist Edwin Huang is stepping up his game with a deluxe art book containing his other creator-owned work, as well as that of some of his friend. And he’s using Kickstarter to do it.

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Evan Young on ‘The Last West’

TheLastWest01_CVRWhen I spoke to Evan Young for my Kickstand column back in May, he had just canceled the Kickstarter for his comic The Last West, the tale of a world in which all scientific and cultural progress has just stopped. But he had done it for a good reason: He had just signed with Alterna Comics, and having a publisher changed enough things that he felt he had to retool the Kickstarter.

Now he’s back, with a new Kickstarter campaign that has already exceeded its goal, and it seemed like a good time to ask him about what changed (and what didn’t).

Robot 6: First of all, can you briefly summarize why you cancelled and relaunched your Kickstarter for The Last West?

Evan Young: Good question. To make a long story short, we finalized a digital publishing deal with Peter Simeti over at Alterna Comics, which came smack in the middle of our first Kickstarter campaign. Which was fantastic for us! Unfortunately, it was not fantastic for our Kickstarter campaign at the time. Kickstarter rules don’t allow you to modify rewards in any way once someone has backed your project for that particular reward, so for that reason alone we were going to have to cancel it and reboot. The rewards we offered the first time around were not geared toward a published book (either digital or in print), they were not timed to coincide with our new Alterna schedule, etc. Just a bunch of problems for us that we weren’t going to be able to work out while at the same time staying fair to our backers.

So at the end of the day, we thought the most fair thing to do would be to cancel the campaign and relaunch it once we had all of our details sorted out — so that’s what we’ve done.

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Don McGregor bringing back ‘Sabre,’ with help from Kickstarter


One of comics’ earliest and most spirited creator-owned heroes is aiming to return to comics — and he needs your help to do it.

The sci-fi swashbuckler Sabre, created in the mid-’70s by legendary Black Panther and Killraven writer Don McGregor, is aiming for a comeback with a new miniseries now seeking funding on Kickstarter. The series, titled Sabre: The Early Future Years, sees McGregor teaming with the revolutionary 1980s artist Trevor Von Eeden to tell the first new Sabre story in 30 years. On the Kickstarter page, McGregor promises everything from swordplay and flintlock lasers to robot stallions and nocturnal trackers.

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Jon Bogdanove plots return with Kickstarter-funded ‘Strongman’


Jon Bogdanove was one of the big artists in the late 1980s and early 1990s, from his work on the X-titles and Power Pack at Marvel to the “Death of Superman” story arc at DC. But for the past decade or so, his name has been absent from comic shelves as he instead produces art for DC and Marvel’s licensing department. But news came out earlier this month that Bogdanove wants to return to comic, but he needs help.

The artist has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to launch his first creator-owned comic, a 150-page graphic novel called StrongmanGoing back to the circus roots of superheroes, this story follows “heroic 1920s circus strongman Bron Bellman, and his sideshow sidekicks.” Mixing pulp heroics with Teddy Roosevelt and even some Nikola Tesla, it’s described as an “anthology of legends” telling the story of Bellman and his adventures.

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