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SDCC: NASA introduces Rocket Raccoon & Groot patch in honor of space exploration


It’s safe to say Rocket Raccoon and Groot have made their way into the mainstream consciousness. Considering their obscure comic book origins and minimal status in comics until the 2014 film, it’s happened pretty quickly. Now, NASA’s getting in on the love.

NASA is honoring the characters’ greatness with a special Rocket Raccoon and Groot-inspired patch, being given to employees who worked on the International Space Stations’ National Laboratory in 2016. Take a look at the patch below:

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Fan’s ‘Tron’-inspired lightcycle meets its Kickstarter goal


If you’ve ever dreamt about riding across the neon, grid-like expanse of Steven Lisberger’s 1982 digital “Tron” frontier on one of the series’ iconic lightcycles, you might finally be in luck. After three years of work, the creators of the Cyclotron Bike debuted their campaign on Kickstarter. Now, it’s been funded.

Check out the bike below:

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Even Marty McFly would be jealous of this DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine


The masterminds behind the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Iron Man Hulkbuster high chair and Lego Double Decker Couch from “The Lego Movie” have gone “Back to the Future” for their latest amazing creation — a DeLorean hot tub.

“Super-Fan Builds” is a webseries, part of AWE me’s YouTube channel, that brings together Hollywood special effects artists and prop builders to create one-of-a-kind-creations. The latest episode marries two very unlikely components for “Back to the Future” super-fan Brandon: The actual chassis from a DeLorean (complete with functional gull-wing doors) and a hot tub.

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New ‘Star Trek’ roller coaster boldly goes where no coaster has gone before


Fans of “Star Trek” will now get the chance to explore outer space in a new ride called “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise.”

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Classic film/TV cars get a ‘Mad Max’ makeover from artist Scott Park


What if “Mad Max” was set in Los Angeles? Illustrator Scott Park used that premise in a new art series that takes classic cars from movies and television and gives them a “Mad Max”-ian spin.

Park used cars from “Ghostbusters,” “Batman ’66,” “Back to the Future,” “Toy Story,” “Scooby Doo,” “Dukes of Hazard,” “Arrested Development,” “Knight Rider,” “Akira,” and many other properties for the mashup art. You can check out each illustration below:

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‘Batman v Superman’ kill count video measures the Dark Knight’s lethal methods


Whether or not Batman and Superman should kill their foes has become a hot button issue over the past few years. Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” have shown both heroes taking a life (or, sometimes, multiple lives), and the director has even commented on his Batman’s lethal methods. Now a new video from Mr. Sunday Movies puts the latest DC Comics superhero movie under examination, running through all of Batman’s most destructive action sequences — and counting the body count that the caped crusader amasses along the way.

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Harley Quinn, The Joker & More Squad Up on NIKEiD’s Customized ‘Suicide Squad’ Converse Kicks


“Suicide Squad” hits theaters this August, which means there’s still plenty of time to get your opening night outfit together — so why not start out with NiKEiD’s customized “Suicide Squad” Converse Kicks?

The unisex high tops currently retail for $80 on the Nike webstore and feature several different “Suicide Squad” characters, specifically Harley Quinn, The Joker and Deadshot. The kicks are also available with the customer’s choice of rubber sidewall, racing stripe, lace, patch logo and more.

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I Ain’t Afraid of No Bun: Japanese Burger Chain Introduces ‘Ghostbusters’-Themed Food


“Ghostbusters” fans no doubt rejoiced when it was revealed that Ecto Cooler, the tangerine-flavored, green colored Hi-C juice drink, would be returning in time for Paul Feig’s reboot. But leave it to the Japanese to one-up Americans on movie-themed food, as the J.S. Burger Cafe chain has unveiled an entire menu celebrating the July release of “Ghostbusters.” Consider it a feast worthy of the last of your petty cash.

That is, if you can stomach anchovy paste and dyed black food. As GrubStreet reports (via Uproxx), the star of the the spread is the so called G.B. Burger, a black olive and anchovy paste-slathered patty layered with purple cabbage and sandwiched between a black bun. From the image above, it looks like there’s also a tomato slice and what one can only hope is mozzarella cheese.

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“Ghostbusters” new & old to feature in “Little Golden Books”


People of all-ages should know the answer to the all-important question, “Who you gonna call?” Thanks to Penguin Random House, that education will be accessible to children ages 3-7 very soon.

The publisher is adding two “Ghostbusters” books to the decades-old “Little Golden Books” line, featuring the casts of both the Paul Feig-directed reboot and the original movies. Hitting stores in September, the “Ghostbusters” “Little Golden Books,” from New York Times bestselling author John Sazaklis and illustrator by Alan Baston, are currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

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This LEGO Thanos Bust and Infinity Gauntlet would rule your toy collection

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor has described the Infinity Stones as having unparalleled power. Luckily for him (and just about everyone else in the MCU), no one currently has possession of all six — yet.

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‘Evil Dead 2’s’ getting a groovy board game


Space Goat and Studiocanal are teaming for a crowdfunded “Evil Dead 2″ board game that will allow you to fend off deadites as Ash Williams himself.

Though the Kickstarter has yet to launch, an official website has surfaced for the game, which includes a countdown to the launch of the fundraiser.

The game is poised to operate as a tile and miniature survival/horror that will be sold as both a standard and deluxe version, with eight custom figures. Each round takes approximately 60-90 minutes, for up to six players.

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Mark Hamill Tells Fan ‘Gender Matters Not’ When It Comes to “Star Wars” Cosplay


“Star Wars” legend Mark Hamill has a word of advice for any fan who wants to cosplay his iconic character Luke Skywalker: “Gender matters not.”

Though he boasts over 1 million followers, Hamill is very active on Twitter, often responding to fan inquiries. In this specific case, he answered one fan who asked if it would be alright if she cosplayed Luke and said,

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Perfume Line Allows You to Smell Like Your Favorite “Star Wars” Characters


Fans have sensed a disturbance in the merchandising Force ever since Disney announced a new “Star Wars” film per year for the conceivable future. The iconic movie series is no stranger to tie-ins, toy lines, and Christmas specials but it appears we’ve officially reached the Outer Rim of product placement, as a European company recently revealed a line of “Star Wars” fragrances.

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New Ghostbusters come home in fan-made LEGO Ideas submission


If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of LEGO’s sets for the “Ghostbusters” reboot but are wondering where you’re going to park your new Ecto-1, then LEGO builder BaronSat has a proposal for you.

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Watch 8-Bit “Batman v Superman” Adaptation in All its Simplistic Glory


Critics of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” canned the film as a barely linear collection of action set pieces whose stakes and melodrama were undercut by threadbare story logic — in short, dismissing it as a video game — but some enterprising graphic artists have turned the movie’s simplicity it into an asset by adapting its major scenes in the fashion of a throwback, 8-bit video game.

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