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Patrol the streets with style in these incredible superhero cars


Aside from the contents of Batman’s subterranean garage, and Ghost Rider’s motorcycle-turned-low-rider, superhero vehicles are pretty rare these days. However, there was a time — let’s call it “the 1970s” — when every other costumed character seemed to have their own custom wheels, whether it was Superman’s Supermobile, Spider-Man’s Spider-Mobile or The Punisher’s Battle Van … mobile.

But if the work of WrapStyle Singpare is any indication, perhaps superhero cars are poised to make a high-priced comeback.

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This Darth Vader bouquet may choke up that special someone


With Valentines Day rapidly approaching, it’s important to remember: Nothing says “I love you” like a plush symbol of the Galactic Empire’s might.

Of course, if your significant other is a Star Wars fan, this Darth Vader bouquet will probably make a bigger impact than roses (and it’ll definitely last longer).

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All this ‘Star Wars’ landspeeder cake needs is a glass of blue milk


Life would’ve been a lot simpler but Luke Skywalker if he’d only stopped his whining, remained on Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s moisture farm and enjoyed his landspeeder cake with a cold glass of bantha milk. Or maybe they’d all be dead at the hands of Stormtroopers and the Rebel Alliance crushed under the heel of the Empire.

But, hey, at least there’d be landspeeder cake!

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Dressed as Batman, San Antonio Spurs mascot takes on an actual bat


Bat-Coyote may not be the mascot the San Antonio Spurs deserve, but he was the one the team needed Monday night when a bat infiltrated the AT&T Center.

When the winged invader was spotted during warmups, The Associated Press reports players were told to return to the locker rooms, even as The Coyote changed into his not-so-secret costumed identity and returned with a net.

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Write like a Jedi (or a Sith) with this $25,000 lightsaber pen


These Star Wars lightsaber fountain pens would make great conversation pieces, no doubt, but it’s difficult to imagine ever actually writing with one or — heaven forbid! — lending one to a friend. You see, they’re limited editions, priced at about $25,000 each.

Sold by S.T. Dupont, the Darth Vader- and Yoda-themed pens are made of bronze, with black lacquer, palladium and rhodium, and feature 2-carat topaz crystals. Better still, they levitate on their display stands, with the help of magnets.

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Chris Pratt and Baby Groot surprise kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital


During this Christmas week, “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Chris Pratt paid a visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital with singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Pratt has long had a soft spot for charitable work, especially in the city of his favorite NFL team, Seattle.

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Spend eternity on the Dark Side in one of these ‘Star Wars’ urns


In the buildup to the release of The Force Awakens, we’ve seen an avalanche of unusual Star Wars merchandise — mostly licensed, but some not — ranging from custom pianos and a diamond-encrusted BB-8 to a Han Solo blaster flask and unintentionally creepy shower heads. However, these Star Wars urns may claim the title of strangest tie-ins, all while causing us to dwell on our own mortality. Or at least Darth Vader’s.

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Han Solo totally shoots first in this 8-bit retelling of the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy


CineFix strikes back in their latest video, which renders the original “Star Wars” trilogy in both 8-bit and 16-bit game tech. They cram Luke Skywalker’s entire saga into five minutes of old-school video game glory, complete with reimagined “Star Wars” theme music.

While they remain pretty faithful to the original story, they definitely have some strong opinions about the prequels and whether or not Han Solo shot first.

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Drink like a Jedi Master with this ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber flask


That Star Wars-inspired blaster flask is certainly nice, but maybe you find it a bit clumsy or random. Perhaps you’re in the market for an elegant flask for a more civilized age. Then allow us to introduce you to the lightsaber flask.

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California campaign for Snoopy license plates reaches its goal


At long last the threshold has been met for California to produce official Snoopy license plates, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the state’s museums and zoos.

Begun in 2010 by the California Association of Museums, the effort required California residents to preorder 7,500 plates before the Department of Motor Vehicles would go into production. With that goal achieved, any drivers interested in purchasing the plates have only until Friday to complete their orders orders. That’s when the information is handed to the DMV.

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Tokyo’s life-size Gundam greets winter with a new light show


Forget the lights, the tree and even the snow — it doesn’t truly feel like the holidays until you’ve illuminated your 59-foot Gundam.

Gundam Front Tokyo in the city’s Odaiba section has welcomed the winter season with a new projection mapping presentation that gives the massive life-size RX-78-2 Gundam a dazzling light-filled makeover.

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Family assembles ‘Avengers’-themed trailer to reveal pregnancy


When it came time for the Flahertys to announce a pregnancy, the Arizona family called up Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — and a local video production company.

Instead of mailing announcements of posting on Facebook, the Flaherty Five (as they’re currently called) opted for a slickly produced Avengers-themed trailer, complete with costumes, special effects, logo treatment and a fitting title: “The Flahertys: Rise of the 6th Flaherty.”

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Walt Disney’s original offices restored, on display at Disney Studios


Photos courtesy of D23

The offices of Walt Disney have been restored to its original location on the studio’s Burbank, California, lot, complete with authentic furnishings and decorations.

Formally dedicated on Monday, the reconstruction of Disney’s formal and working offices on the third floor of Walt Disney Studios’ Animation building will be a permanent exhibit, open to employees, cast members and visitors. It will be added next year to the studio tours conducted for members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club.

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From the Batcave to the Death Star: A visual guide to fictional locations


U.K. company Rawlins Paints & Coatings has released “An Illustrated Guide to Iconic Fictional Locations,” showcasing memorable settings ranging from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and Stark Tower to the Simpsons’ home and Walt and Jesse’s RV from Breaking Bad.

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‘Star Wars’ economics: The true cost of Death Stars’ destruction

death star

When the leaders of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars plotted the defeat of the Galactic Empire, they probably should’ve consulted a few economists first — or at least a money-minded Hutt. It turns out the destruction of not one but two Death Stars would not only bring an end to the iron-fisted (and surprisingly wrinkly) rule of Emperor Palpatine, it would also lead to the collapse of the Galactic economy.

In his new case study titled “It’s a Trap: Emperor Palpatine’s Poison Pill,” engineering professor Zachary Feinstein of Washington University in St. Louis concludes the fallout from the Battle of Endor would’ve been “catastrophic” to the galaxy far, far away, requiring an estimated bailout of somewhere between $690 quintillion and $920 quintillion to stave off complete financial collapse.

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