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Yes, you’ll be able to play as Levi in the ‘Attack on Titan’ game


Koei Tecmo has added Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoë to the growing list of playable characters for its Attack on Titan action game. Considering that the abrasive Levi is probably the most popular character in the hit manga and anime, it would only be surprising if he weren’t playable.

They’ll join such previously announced playable characters as Eren, Mikasa, Sasha, Conny, Armin, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover. The voice actors from the anime series will reprise their roles for the video game.

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‘Arkham Knight’ update trailer teases ‘Batman v Superman’ Batmobile


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a trailer highlighting the next series of add-ons for the blockbuster Batman: Arkham Knight, which includes the Batsuit and Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The 2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile Pack will be available for download beginning today for Season Pass holders, along with “Catwoman’s Revenge,” which allows players to take control of Catwoman in a story set after the events of Arkham Knight, and “Flip a Coin,” which allows them to play as Robin as he attempts to take down Two-Face’s money-laundering operation.

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‘Hyrule Warriors Legends’ will introduce a female Link


Hyrule Warriors Legends will be available in March for the Nintendo 3DS, bringing with it a female version of Link called Linkle.

A first for the Legend of Zelda franchise, the “energetic” Linkle wields dual crossbows possesses a powerful spin-kick attack similar to Link’s own sword spin. Fans actually got their first glimpse of Linkle last year, in a Hyrules Warriors art book released in Japan.

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‘Attack on Titan’ game unleashes new characters, story details

attack-screen shot

Following the debut last week of the latest trailer for the Attack on Titan action game, Koei Tecmo has revealed new story and character details.

Previously announced characters Eren, Mikasa, Sasha, Conny, Armin and Jean will be joined by the likes of Annie Leonhart, Ymir, Krista Lenz, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover and Keith Shadis (among others), with the respective voice actors reprising their roles from the blockbuster animated series.

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‘Attack on Titan’ game soars in with new trailer, screenshots


Koei Tecmo has debuted a new trailer for Attack on Titan, Omega Force’s upcoming action game based on Hajime Isayama’s blockbuster manga and anime.

The video follows fast on the heels of new screenshots from the eagerly anticipated PlayStation game, in which players guide members of the Survey Corps in their fight against the flesh-eating Titans. Much of the trailer will be familiar, as we’ve seen gameplay footage showing the 3D-maneuver gear in action, as players hack and slash at the giants.

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New ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ trailer drops you into Battle of Jakku


You’ll be able to experience the desert planet Jakku, one of the key settings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, before the film reaches theaters in Star Wars Battlefront.

The latest trailer for the hotly anticipated Electronic Arts game places players in the middle of the Battle of Jakku, which takes place just after the events of the Battle of Endor depicted in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Battle of Jakku is also a level in Star Wars Battlefront, which will be available to everyone on Dec. 8, and a week earlier to those who preorder the game.

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‘Arkham Knight’s’ Batmobile tears through ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


PC players frustrated by the continuing problems with Batman: Arkham Knight can still enjoy wreaking havoc with the game’s tank-like Batmobile … in Grand Theft Auto V.

This video depicts the three PC mods in action — one for the Tumbler, one for the textures, and one for the nitro boost. Combined, they’re pretty spectacular, allowing the Dark Knight to take out everyone and everything in his path. Just not in Gotham City.

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Warner Bros. to offer refunds for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ on PC

arkham knight3

When Batman: Arkham Knight was finally re-released last week for PC, both players and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment hoped their troubles were over. Alas, that wasn’t the case.

After a four-month absence from Steam, during which the glitches the led to the game’s abrupt removal were expected to be fixed, Arkham Knight returned still broken. Seemingly conceding defeat, Warner Bros. announced over the weekend it will offer full refunds through the end of the year to anyone who purchased the PC version.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ expected to ship 13 million copies


Early response to Star Wars Battlefront has been so positive that Entertainment Arts now expects to ship 13 million copies of the game by March, up from initial projects of  9 million to 10 million.

According to The Wall Street Journal, analysts were expecting the game publisher to raises its forecast to somewhere between 10 million and 12 million.

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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ PC buyers to get free ‘Arkham’ games

arkham knight1

To mark the long-awaited return of Batman: Arkham Knight to Steam today, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment is showing its appreciation to patient PC players with giveaways — including free digital copies of games from the Arkham series.

Anyone who’s purchased Batman: Arkham Knight for PC prior to 11:59 p.m. PT on Nov. 16 will receive Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate in their Steam user libraries by December.

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Han Solo faces Darth Vader in new ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ trailer


EA Games has debuted a new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront that not only offers a look at gameplay and settings but also demonstrates how players can add their own twists to the saga.

Billed as a way for fans to immersive themselves in epic battles from Star Wars, we see that won’t merely be a walk down memory lane. In the trailer, Princess Leia confronts Boba Fett (who this time avoids the Sarlacc, injecting a bit of humor into the situation), while Han Solo rushes past Snowtroopers on Hoth to face Darth Vader himself.

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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ returns Wednesday to PC

arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight will be available once more on Steam beginning Wednesday, four months after its disastrous PC launch forced Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to suspend sales.

As the publisher announced early this month, all downloadable content released for the console versions will be available for the PC edition — everything from augmented-reality challenges to story packs to skins and Batmobiles. Warner Bros. has a complete content rundown in a statement issued over the weekend.

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Hulk rampages through Los Santos in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


Considering how much damage armed criminals do to Los Santos, the last thing the city needs is a rampaging Hulk, but that’s exactly what it gets in this new PC mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

Created by JulioNIB, the mod allows Marvel’s roaring Green Goliath to leap through the air, hurl vehicles and wield a street lamp like an enormous club. This Hulk is even armed with his signature thunderclap.

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Nostalgic ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ TV spot will make you feel things


If the building anticipation for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer doesn’t have you feeling like a kid again, PlayStation’s live-action holiday commercial for Star Wars Battlefront will undoubtedly do the trick.

Delightfully nostalgic, the live-action TV spot features a bored office worker holding a battered R2-D2 action figure and reflecting on all the fun Star Wars fantasy adventures he and his brother (?) had as children. I won’t spoil the ending, but the message is pretty clear: They don’t have to end with childhood.

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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ has already sold 5 million copies

arkham knight2

Despite a troubled rollout that saw the rapid withdrawal of the PC edition, Batman: Arkham Knight has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide since its June 23 launch.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s fighting game Mortal Kombat X, which debuted in April, has also passed that milestone, The Wall Street Journal reports. LEGO Jurassic World, which also premiered in June, has sold about 4 million copies.

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