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Hornschemeier, Pope, Rugg and more in Marvel anthology

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  • Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 at 2:15 PM EST

Because I was at WonderCon, I missed this past weekend’s MyCup ‘o Joe when it popped up on MySpace, but Paul Hornschemeier points out a question from a fan about Marvel’s upcoming “indie project,” for lack of a better name (and I’m sure there is one) that’ll feature stories by Hornschemeier, Jim Rugg, Stan Sakai, […]

Rugg provides artwork for Street Angel short film

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  • Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 9:54 AM EST

Earlier this month Kevin posted about a Street Angel short film, based on Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s acclaimed mini-series from SLG. Now MTV’s Splash Page posts some new art by Rugg, created for an animated sequence in the film. The director, Lucas Testro, told MTV that the animated sequence will reveal the origin story […]

Grumpy Old Fan | Snow-day comics

Winter finally caught up with the Memphis suburbs over the past couple of weeks, bringing nasty bouts with freezing rain and (currently) a little snow. Digging out from under the ice has been more tedious than anything else, but the persistent cold kept us all housebound for a little while. Of course, compared to folks […]

Design student creates functional Batsuit

While some students play video games or merely hang out in their spare time, Philadelphia University’s Jackson Gordon always has bigger things in mind, including the designs for the functional Batsuit he debuted two weeks ago at Katsucon. Gordon, an industrial design student, told USA Today his suit can handle anything short of a bullet: […]

Shawn Martinbrough ranks his Top 10 ‘Thief of Thieves’ covers

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  • Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 12:03 PM EST

Next week will be big for Thief of Thieves artist Shawn Martinbrough on two fronts, as not only does Thief of Thieves #26 go on sale Feb. 25, but on the following day he’ll discuss his career and his noir-influenced approach to storytelling as part of the Society of Illustrators’ celebration of Black History Month. He’ll […]

Comics A.M. | Six GNs up for Children’s Choice Book Awards

Awards | Six graphic novels are finalists for the eighth annual Children’s Choice Book Awards: The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, Happy Birthday Babymouse, Sisters, The Dumbest Idea Ever, The Return of Zita the Spacegirl and El Deafo. This is the largest number of graphic novels to make the cut; the previous high was three. […]

Influential 2000 AD artist Brett Ewins passes away

Brett Ewins, the influential British artist perhaps best known for his work on Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper, has passed away at age 59. An early collaborator of Peter Milligan, whom he met at Goldsmiths College, and Brendan McCarthy, Ewins began providing covers for 2000 AD before soon reteaming with McCarthy on Future Shocks and […]

Comics A.M. | Taipei comics festival expected to draw 400,000

Conventions | The third Taipei International Comics and Animation Festival kicked off today in Taiwan, where organizers expect as many as 400,000 attendees over the next five days. Forty-seven artists, authors, actors and producers from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are participating in the event, which last year attracted 409,000 fans and generated about $5.9 […]

The Fifth Color | Peggy Carter is a Rick Jones for the MCU

OK, first let’s get this out of the way: A-Force? Really? That’s a terrible name! That’s just going to lead to schlocky journalists serving up headlines like “These Marvel ladies are A-FORCE to be reckoned with!” It seems lazy and uninspired, although you could say that they were inspired by X-Force, but that’s a tacky […]

Comics A.M. | Strong month in bookstores for female creators

Graphic novels | ICv2 has the January graphic novel chart from Nielsen BookScan, which tracks sales in book channels. Roz Chast’s Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? tops the list, with the fourth volume of Saga coming in second, and the 22nd volume of The Walking Dead in third. The list is a bit […]

Greek gods vie for old lady’s approval in 24-hour comic by Boulet

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  • Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST

The Greek gods are well-known for inserting themselves into the lives of mortals like you and me, but never quite like this. During the Angouleme International Comics Festival last week, French artist Boulet created a comic in a 24-hour span pitting Zeus and Hades in a war of words and power that’s interrupted by a […]

Grumpy Old Fan | The Power Girl problem

For a while now, it’s been hard to avoid talking about some sort of Multiverse. Between Forever Evil, Futures End and World’s End, The Multiversity, Convergence, and recent looks back at Crisis on Infinite Earths, the grand structure of DC Comics’ cosmos has come back into the spotlight. Even Marvel is jumping into the deep […]

Suspect in plane bomb hoaxes used webcomic for Twitter handle

Being a webcomics creator has its challenges, but here’s one you don’t see too often: finding out the title of your long-running strip is being used by someone who tweeting bomb threats to airlines. That’s the surreal situation Mark Mekkes found himself in on Saturday. Mekkes is the creator of the long-running Zortic, which he […]

Robot Reviews | ‘March,’ Book Two

The second volume of Rep. John Lewis’ autobiographical trilogy March is darker than the first one, both literally — artist Nate Powell fills many panels with almost unbroken blackness, as he depicts smoke, night and noxious fumes — and figuratively, as it shows human cruelty at its worst. Even in its lighter moments, Book Two […]

Robot 6’s favorite comics of 2014

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  • Sunday, January 4th, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST

As ROBOT 6’s sixth-anniversary celebration winds down, our contributors look back at some of their favorite comics of 2014, from Ms. Marvel and The Multiversity to Sex Criminals and How to Be Happy. Let us know what some of your favorites of 2014 were in the comments section.

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