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The Middle Ground #84 | Trendspotting far too early this year

We’re only three days into 2012, but is it too early to predict a trend already? Probably, but the fear of saying something stupid has rarely stopped me in the past. Nonetheless, with the news that Bryan Hitch has ended his decade of exclusivity with Marvel to launch a creator-owned series with Image, is it time to wonder if this is the year where big names go indie again?

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The Fifth Color | Forward into the past with Marvel solicitations for January 2012

Marvel Teaser - It's Coming

Oh Phoenix Force, we know you...

As most of you CBRians know, Marvel’s solicitations for January 2012 came out last Friday, so our look forward into the past is a little delayed. On the bright side, the first of 2012’s books seem like something that deserve a few more days reflection. After all, 2012 is the year it all comes together! You guys, there’s going to be an Avengers movie. A real, live action, big budget, A-list star Avengers movie! All Marvel’s rather crazy Hollywood ideas are paying off next summer and, with a little hard work, the House of Ideas could come to a beautiful fruition.

So while our celebratory May month is still off in the distance, the recently hung Chrismas decorations let me know that January is just around the corner. Can we get an idea of what next year will look like, through the first books to roll out at the start of the year? Let’s just read along and find out, shall we?
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