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Tremble in the presence of 3A Toys’ Doctor Doom figure


It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything about the Doctor Doom figure from Ashley Wood’s 3A Toys, but judging from this post on the company’s production blog, that’s about to change very soon.

While we wait, however, the company provides a look at all colorways for the 1/6th-scale figure: Classic Edition, Ghost Edition and Stealth Edition. 3A’s Iron Man figures are kind of pricy, and I’m guessing these will be in the same range. Still, they’re pretty amazing-looking.

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3A to release ‘Kent Williams: Ophthalm’ at SDCC

kent header

Ah, Comic-Con International: when comics publishers are tripping over themselves to announce new projects, and movie producers throw star-power at the fans to drum up word-of-mouth support for their latest efforts. Of course, there will be all kinds of lower-profile launches that can tend to get bulldozed off the front pages by the big ticket news items.

Ashley Wood’s 3A Publishing releasing Kent Williams: Ophthalm there is probably a case in point. It’s an art book by a painter whose last major comic project was published in 2005. I’ve loved Williams’ work since he was collaborating with Jon J. Muth in the 1980s, but the work he was producing then doesn’t hold a candle to the canvases he now exhibits. It’s amazing work, as viewable at his website. Wood is quite the advocate for Williams, publishing several portfolios of his work in IDW’s Swallow, then a pocket book of his paintings in their Sparrow series, and recently a collection of drawings through his own Goya imprint. The book’s press release is, however, rather purple. This is the art world we’re dealing with now, people, not comics! And the book’s title? That’s Greek for “the eye.”

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3A Toys’ Invincible Iron Man design arrives online

Iron Man 3A

Over the weekend various toy blogs were buzzing over this image: the first prototype to leak out from the agreement between Ashley Wood’s 3A Toys and Marvel, as announced in February. And it’s pretty much exactly how you’d expect Iron Man to look after being redesigned by the man who created Popbot. Eventually, the official 3A blog released this clearer version of the teaser.

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Rufus Dayglo offers peek at Solid Gold Death Mask, teases new Ashley Wood collaboration

Rufus Dayglo has been relatively quiet since leaving the Tank Girl franchise in early 2011, but he’s been regularly trailing a new series, Solid Gold Death Mask, on his blog/Tumblr for a while now. The new series looks like it’s not a million miles away stylistically from his work on Alan Martin’s signature character, and Dayglo’s sterling work there (six volumes’ worth over four years) means I’m eagerly anticipating his next move.

Rufus writes:

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