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Statues and comics from Andy and Iylia in Malaysia

Happy New Year and welcome to Shelf Porn! Today’s shelves come from Andy and Iylia in Kuala Lumpur, who share their collection of statues, comics and more.

If you have some shelves of comics, action figures or other related collectibles you’d like to show off, send me a write-up and some jpgs at

And now check out the collection …

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Five-star shelves from 4-Star Studios

For ROBOT 6′s fourth-anniversary celebration, I wanted to find some special Shelf Porn, and luckily I remembered that Tim Seeley of Hack/Slash, Revival and ExSanguine (among others) fame had mentioned he might be willing to share some with us a few months ago (around the time I interviewed him for our Robot Roulette feature). So I dropped a note to Tim, who grabbed his camera and started snapping pictures at the studio he shares with several other comic creators. So big thanks to Tim and the rest of the folks at 4-Star Studios!

If you have some shelves of comics, action figures or other related collectibles you’d like to show off, send me a write-up and some jpgs at

And now here’s Tim:

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Doug takes us inside his ‘Fortress of Solitude’

Happy holidays and welcome to Shelf Porn, our look at the collections of fans around the world. Today Doug Welch shares his collection of action figures, comics and more.

If you’d like to see your collection here–either for the first time or again–send your write-up and some jpg images to

And now here is Doug …

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Watch opening of 1990s X-Men cartoon, recreated with action figures

If you’re a comics fan who came of age in the ’90s watching the terribly animated X-Men cartoon as part of the Fox Kids Saturday morning lineup, you’ll likely appreciate this video, which recreates the show’s opening using action figures and stop-motion animation. According to Kyle Roberts’ YouTube page, he used more than 4,000 pictures, and “spent two months rotoscoping and animating all of the special effects.” Add to that the work done by Nathan Poppe on the doodle-style background, and the theme song recreated by Colin Nance and Zach Zellar.

And on top of all of that, there’s a mildly amusing framing sequence. Still, though, the stop-motion credits sequence is the star of the show.

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Shelf Porn Saturday | A post-Thanksgiving collection to be thankful for

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn! Today’s collection comes from Daniel Gibson, who shares shelves of action figures, trades, art and more.

If you’d like to see your collection here, drop me an email at with a brief write-up and some jpgs.

And now let’s hear from Daniel …

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Shelf Porn Saturday | Art teacher in Jersey shows off toys, comics and more

When momma said to knock you out, we’re here to comply–and so is Robt Seda-Schreiber, an artist and middle school art teacher from New Jersey. In today’s edition of Shelf Porn, Robt shares his collection of toys, action figures, comic books and graphic novels, as well as a look at his drawing area.

If you have some shelves of comics, action figures or other related collectibles you’d like to show off, send me a write-up and some jpgs at

And now here is Robt:

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Stop-motion Dark Knightfall pits Batman against Joker with Hot Toys

While the story is confusing, you’re unlikely to see a better fan-made stop-motion film than this trailer for Batman: Dark Knightfall, created by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong using those incredibly (and creepily) life-like Hot Toys figures. The filmmakers’ attention to detail is impressive, from steam and lighting to flying debris and fluttering fabric, giving the short a realistic quality. Well, at least until The Joker arrives, and the action takes an inexplicably bizarre turn (also not easily explained: why Gordon just lies on the ground). A full version is promised soon, so maybe we’ll get all the answers then.

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Shelf Porn Saturday | Toys and TPB’s in Texas

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn, where we give fans the opportunity to show us their collections. Today’s shelves come from Jesse Dobson, an English teacher in Texas who shows us his collection of trades, toys and more.

If you’d like to see your collection here, drop me a note at Let’s make it happen!

And now here’s Jesse:

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SDCC ’12 | Saturday programming schedule released

Saturday’s programming for this year’s Comic-Con International continues the grand “big movie panels” tradition typically associated with the third day of the con. Both Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios are on the schedule for Hall H; no doubt Marvel will have more than just Iron Man 3 to talk about at that 6 p.m. slot. Warner Bros., meanwhile, will talk about Man of Steel in their panel, which will also include The Hobbit and Pacific Rim.

Comic publishers are well represented, with BOOM!, Marvel, DC Comics, Archie, Archaia, Dark Horse, Image, Top Cow, Drawn & Quarterly, Skybound, Vertigo, Top Shelf and more scheduled for various panels on Saturday. CCI also puts the spotlight on Mark Waid, Morrie Turner, Klaus Janson, Stan Goldberg, Gary Gianni, Jim Lee and many more creators, and celebrates anniversaries for Funky Winkerbean, Love & Rockets, Bob the Angry Flower, Courtney Crumrin and the Gays in Comics panel. And don’t forget about the always entertaining masquerade.

Here are some of the comics-related highlights below; visit the Comic-Con website to see the complete schedule.

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Shelf Porn Redux | Karl Heitmueller’s ‘dusty work of art’

It’s been awhile since we had any new Shelf Porn to show you … and it looks like it could still be awhile. We do, however, have some brand new pictures from a collection that we first ran back in 2009. Cartoonist Karl Heitmueller wrote in to tell us that he recently had a professional photographer, his friend Gary Ashley, take some photos of his walls of action figures. Karl was kind enough to share them with us; you can see some of them after the jump, and the rest of them over on his blog.

I thank Karl not only for sharing the photos but also for giving me an excuse to make the pitch for more pics. I’d love to start posting Shelf Porn entries again, so if you have some shelves of comics, action figures or other related collectibles you’d like to show off, send me a write-up and some jpgs at And hey, if you sent in your collection once before and would like to share some updates, those are welcome as well!

Now let’s check out some more of Karl’s shelves …

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Aw yeah, the Tiny Titans SDCC-exclusive boxed set

This should lift the spirits of readers still mourning the end of DC Comics’ Tiny Titans: Cool Toy Review and Fwoosh have the first looks at Mattel’s Comic-Con International-exclusive boxed set featuring five figures — Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy — based on the character designs from the Eisner Award-winning series by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. As you can see from the image above, the package is actually a Sidekick City Elementary bus driven by principal Slade Wilson and bearing the slogan “Convention or Bust.” On the back is a comic strip by Baltazar and Aureliani depicting the five pint-sized heroes, including a cosplaying Beast Boy, at the convention.

Check out more images below, and at Cool Toy Review and Fwoosh. The set will be available at the Mattel booth at Comic-Con for $20, and at later.

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First look at Comic-Con DVD-exclusive Joss Whedon figure

There have been action figures based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Marvel’s The Avengers and even Firefly/Serenity, but there’s never been one been one of the man behind them — until now.

That’s right, Joss Whedon now has his own action figure. Or, rather, figurine, as Entertainment Weekly notes it doesn’t have moveable joints. But whatever you want to call it, you can get Whedon as one of four mini-figures packaged with the collector’s edition of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Spurlock, Stan Lee and Harry Knowles are the other three.

The Whedon and Spurlock figures will be available with the DVD exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us beginning July 10, which means fans may even get a chance to have them signed by the filmmakers themselves at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Wait, that means you’d have to take them out of the package — so just have them sign the plastic case.

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Mattel reveals Tiny Titans, Death San Diego exclusives

Tiny Titans

The operative word for Mattel’s San Diego exclusives this year would be “cute,” if the three DC Comics items they posted on their MattyCollector site today are any indication. As you can see above, they’ll be offering a set of Tiny Titans collectible figures with a display base. And if that’s not enough of a cute overload for you, click below to see the Death figure and the Polly Pocket Comics Villains set, featuring a trio of Bat villains, labeled “A” for “Adorable.”

They also announced some Masters of the Universe and Ghostbusters exclusives as well, so click on over if you want to check those out.

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Marvel’s lawyers toy with humanity of mutants

Marvel’s lawyers want you to know that the publisher’s merry mutants are in no way human — at least when it comes to toys.

According to a recent Radiolab Podcast, in order to get a 5.2-percent tax cut on Marvel’s imported action figures, the company’s lawyers successfully argued the toys represent “animals or other non-human creatures (for example, robots and monsters)” as defined by the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, a tome that determines tariff classifications for all goods imported into the United States.

Confused? There’s a lot of legalese involved, so here’s the way it breaks down: There’s a distinction between two categories of products imported into the U.S. “Dolls” are toys representing humans, whereas “toys” represent non-humans. While dolls are taxed at 12.8 percent, toys are taxed at just 6.8 percent. Two shrewd trade attorneys noticed the distinction and successfully argued to U.S. Customs officials that Marvel’s licensed products don’t represent human beings.

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Shelf Porn Saturday | End-of-the-year shelves!

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn! It’s been awhile since we had someone’s shelves to feature, and what a great way to end 2011 by posting someone’s collection.

Today’s shelves come to us from, simply, “The Dork,” who blogs regularly over at The Dork Review. “This is a collection of my stuff (minus the Yoda stuff; which is my wife’s) that I have been collecting since I was a kid,” he told me via email. He had previously posted it on his own site, and you can see that post right here.

If you would like to contribute some shelves, it’s easy — just send pictures and a brief description to

And now, onto the shelves!

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