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See ‘Mythbusters’ Adam Savage go incognito as Hellboy


To commemorate the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, Mythbusters alum Adam Savage decided he’d go incognito as Hellboy, in a nod to his first appearance at Comic-Con International. But while he dressed as the movie Hellboy in 2008, this time he paid tribute to Mike Mignola’s original version.

Of course, Savage has a few advantages over the average cosplayer: In addition to his background as a model maker, he owns several pieces from Guillermo del Toro’s films, including the Samaritan, a duster jacket and one of Hellboy’s tail.

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Watch Adam Savage build a Hellboy sword (and skewered demon)

adam savage

Adam Savage isn’t “just” a model maker, an educator and the former co-host of Mythbusters. He’s also a huge fan of Hellboy — he even owns of the Samaritan props used in Guillermo del Toro’s films. Looking to expand his arsenal of Mike Mignola-inspired weaponry, Savage sets out to create a replica sword (and skewered demon) based on the cover of Hellboy: Odd Jobs in a new installment of “One Day Builds.”

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Adam Savage transforms Patton Oswalt into ‘Doctor Ock-a-pus’

Patton Oswalt and his 3-year-old daughter, dressed for Halloween

Early this month, comedian, actor and occasional comics writer Patton Oswalt issued a call for help on Twitter: His 3-year-old daughter wanted to dress as Spider-Girl for Halloween, and insisted “Daddy has to be Doctor Ock-a-pus.” The problem was, he didn’t have time to make the required costume. Who should come to Oswalt’s aid but Adam Savage, veteran special-effects designer and co-host of Mythbusters. The delightful results can be seen above.

“As sometimes happens, I just immediately saw in my head how to make a really easy-to-wear, inexpensive, fast-to-build Doctor Octopus costume,” Savage explains. How inexpensive, and how fast to build? Well, he constructed the costume in just four hours using off-the-shelf crafting materials. See how in the video below.

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