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Adidas’ ‘Age of Ultron’ line includes a Quicksilver sneaker, of course


Knowing a good tie-in when it sees one, Adidas couldn’t pass up a collection inspired by Avengers: Age of Ultron that, of course, includes a Quicksilver sneaker.

The lines of shoes and apparel for children and adults, with the former having their choice of T-shirts, shorts, sneakers and accessories based on the Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. The kid’s collection will be complemented by running shoes for grownups in four designs, but the star is the silver-green “Quicksilver” Adizero Prime Boost (above), which the company teases will be worn in the Marvel Studios sequel by “an exciting new Avengers character.” Who could that be?

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Stars of comics draw stars of soccer

From "The Lightning Strika," by Jae Lee

From "The Lightning Strika," by Jae Lee

Sports-apparel giant Adidas has produced three promotional comics illustrated Jae Lee, JG Jones and Ryan Benjamin that spotlight soccer stars Emmanuel Adebayor, Steven Gerrard and Ricardo Kaka, respectively.

The comics are available online for viewing or download on the company’s website, and will be released in print in Adidas markets worldwide. There are also plans to offer the titles for free through e-publishing sites and as an iPhone application.

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